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port room

TriFection delivers total package

Our clients in Katy decided to make their dream home become a reality.  After all, they’d worked hard for many years and deserved to be surrounded in luxury on a daily basis.  Their plans called for full-scale renovations to the kitchen and master bathroom as well as significant upgrades to two upstairs bathrooms and new …

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copper upgrades bathroom

Copper Bathroom Upgrades

If you want to breathe new life into an older home, a great place to start is with a bathroom renovation.  Many older bathrooms are just too small.  They also do not feature the modern amenities that provide greater comfort. You deserve a very personalized room to relax during your private time at the beginning …

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remodeling timeline

Remodeling Timeline

How would you like a beautiful new kitchen in which to entertain family and friends this holiday season?  Or a luxurious new master bathroom as a present from Santa for all your hard work during the year?  Or even an added guest suite so that close family visitors are not, dare we say, too close?….During …

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A kitchen that cooks

Your kitchen serves more functions than the original builder could have imagined. You demand more from your kitchen. We helped the Richardsons get it. Here’s the kitchen that prompted one client to say, “Enough!” Sure, it’s functional enough—in a dated kind of way. But, it doesn’t make great use of the space. It served its …

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