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Overlay vs. Inset Cabinets

When building or remodeling a house, you must make a large number of important decisions.  Particularly in a kitchen remodeling project, some of the biggest decisions involve cabinetry.  You must choose the cabinet layout that suits your storage and entertainment needs as well as the style of cabinetry.  Style includes the wood species, profile of …

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senior friendly bathroom renovation

Senior-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

Baby Boomers are confident, independent and self-reliant.  It comes as no surprise that as this large generation gets older, “aging in place” becomes more common.  By “aging in place”, we mean choosing to live in one’s own home versus relocating to a nursing home throughout the golden years.  To do so, however, requires having a …

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Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

The kitchen serves as the heartbeat of the home and a key driver of resale value.  So when planning the remodel of your kitchen, every decision is an important one.  But one of the most important decisions, both visually and functionally, is your kitchen countertop material. Think about it: what’s often the first thing people …

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