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Turnkey Means One Call for It All

From Remodeling Design to Done

As a true “turnkey” contractor, TriFection’s project management team can coordinate your entire home remodeling project.  Our highly experienced team of professionals provides first-class service and makes the entire process much easier for you.

Many remodeling contractors do not offer design, selections assistance, project management, and a complete lineup of master craftsmen.  If not, a homeowner must also hire an architect, a designer, and/or freelance subcontractors for the project.  Attempting to coordinate multiple companies or individuals who have not previously worked together can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.  It can also lead to frustration and finger-pointing when problems arise.

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One Call for it All

TriFection is fully equipped to manage all phases of the remodeling process, from design to done.  We take full responsibility for the entire project.  You know exactly whom to call with questions and can focus more of your time on normal daily life.  Our resources and expertise can make your remodeling project hassle-free.

Utilizing a Simple and Direct Process

TriFection simplifies the remodeling process for you.  You begin by working with our design team to visualize your project.  Next, our selections team helps you pick out all of your preferred materials.  Now, you are ready to begin the building process with a dedicated project manager by your side.  Best of all, one remodeling contractor handles all the details.  As a result, the process runs more smoothly and leads to a better finished product.


Project Manager

TriFection’s project managers are construction industry veterans who know how to avoid common remodeling pitfalls.  With significant planning, organization, and communication, they guide our home remodeling projects to a beautiful outcome.  Your project manager will coordinate with you on details such as work hours, staging areas, security, and special accommodations.  He will monitor the progress of our master craftsmen and ensure a clean, safe work environment.  Additionally, he’ll also confirm that our execution is consistent with approved plans and keep you well-informed on scheduling.  Prior to conclusion, your project manager will conduct a final inspection to confirm all “punch list” items have been resolved.

Master Craftsmen

TriFection employs only master-level craftsmen within each trade, not handymen or day laborers.  We hire and retain the best talent in the construction industry through background checks, performance evaluations, and attractive compensation.  As a result, our professional crews are highly skilled, respectful, and trustworthy.  They also carry the necessary licenses and insurance for your protection.  Our project managers schedule these craftsmen appropriately, so they enjoy a well-prepared, comfortable work environment.  The quality of our custom craftsmanship truly distinguishes TriFection in the home remodeling industry.

Team-Based Approach

Besides hiring top-quality professionals, the key to successful home remodeling is thoughtful planning and coordination.  The TriFection team is comprised of salespeople, designers, selections experts, procurement and administrative staff, project managers, and master craftsmen.  Prior to beginning work at your home, the project manager is fully informed on the work scope.  Then, certain division managers must confirm we’re truly ready to start the project.  All necessary client approvals and materials must be in hand.  Our disciplined approach eliminates the unwanted surprises that lead to the remodeling “horror stories” you’ve probably heard.

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