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At TriFection, we know that many home remodeling and construction workers like to toss around the word “craftsmanship” in describing their approach to projects.  But, ask them, “What exactly does craftsmanship mean to you, and what makes your craftsmanship special?”  They probably can’t give you a good answer.

We Take Craftsmanship Seriously

We believe it boils down to these four qualities:
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Ability to Achieve Form, Function, & Fit

A custom remodeling proposal that looks great in someone’s mind may not be practical or affordable.  Or, perhaps the project looks great and fits the budget, but it fails to address the client’s use of the room, like a kitchen that doesn’t serve the client’s cooking or entertaining needs.

Therefore, craftsmanship is that combination of skill, experience, and old school pride-in-your-work that pushes us to create highly customized rooms.  In doing so, TriFection seeks to hit three primary targets: rooms that look great, work well, and fit your personal style and budget.

Quality of Work

All contractors and many Do-It-Yourselfers can paint rooms, install crown molding, or perhaps even lay a tile floor.  But, will the paint be applied evenly and free of drips and roller lines?  Will the edges of the crown moulding be properly finished and joints look continuous?  Lastly, will the tile be absolutely level and evenly grouted?

TriFection and our team of master craftsmen fit well with those projects where "good" or "okay" work isn't good enough.  We share a high-quality standard with our clients.  They pay a fair premium in exchange for the finest craftsmanship in the remodeling industry.  TriFection does not employ handymen or day laborers.  We hire and develop only true masters of each trade.  Our people build and install things the right way, not the quick or cheap way, and they care about the details.


Deep remodeling knowledge can be gained only through experience, not simply a trade school or apprenticeship.  That knowledge prevents mistakes and avoids problems.  It also affords the ability to manage large, complex remodeling projects in a well-organized, detail-oriented manner.

The sizable TriFection team is comprised of industry veterans who have encountered nearly every custom remodeling situation imaginable.  We leverage our diverse talents and share ideas to develop the best possible solutions for our clients.

Enduring Excellence

In the building and home improvement trades, there are a lot of ways to cut corners that remain hidden at first.  However, with time, they always show themselves, be it months or several years later.  In contrast, excellent craftsmanship always “wears well” because durability was considered in the design and selections of materials and skilled labor.
When you hire TriFection, you’re partnering with a company that insists on using top-quality tools, materials, and construction methods to ensure our work withstands the tests of time and daily usage.  Consequently, this approach (we call it "The TriFection Way") is the only way to ensure that, years from now, your custom remodeling project looks and works as fabulously as it does on the day it was completed.

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