Selections Process

Guiding You to Perfect Selections for the Design

Making Selections Easier for You

A valuable component of our turnkey remodeling service is the professional selections expertise we provide our clients.  While many contractors have a “you pick it and we’ll install it” approach, TriFection offers in-house design and selections advice to assist you.  Our clients don’t need to spend more money on an interior designer.  We want to be deeply involved in the selections process so you make good choices that complement well, install smoothly, and stand the test of time.

With Help from TriFection Professionals...

Selecting Materials is Easy!

One of the biggest challenges homeowners often face during the remodeling process is choosing materials. They wonder what will be their ideal choices for custom cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, flooring, fixtures, appliances, paint colors, etc.  Many homeowners, particularly first-time remodelers, have described the possible material combinations as "overwhelming". Understandably, they fear making a mistake in terms of appearance, functionality, or quality once the materials are installed.  When attempting to navigate the design selections process alone, it can be very time-consuming, intimidating, and stressful. The TriFection team alleviates your burden and fear by managing a process that is organized and efficient.

Selecting Materials is Fun!

TriFection's personable design and selections experts make the experience so much more enjoyable.  They begin each project by listening carefully to the client's objectives during an in-home visit.  Then, they utilize their vast remodeling experience and relationships with top-quality vendors across Greater Houston. This results in providing you with a smart, focused list of options from which to choose.  Our selections team helps clients achieve their desired style, functionality, and budget without the burden of wandering aimlessly around large showrooms.  They make the design and selections process for a home remodeling project what it should be - FUN!

Vast Selections Experience

The TriFection design and selections team has helped thousands of homeowners choose the right materials for their remodeling projects.  Led by Melanie Heinrich, a certified designer through the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the American Society of Interior Designers with over 20 years of remodeling experience, these professionals know how to help clients define their style and locate the perfect materials.

Our Experience Professionals Know:
  • How to help clients define their style and color schemes
  • Proper sequence in which to pick materials for a remodeling project
  • Best showrooms to shop for materials in Greater Houston
  • Product performance and the latest innovations
  • Installation techniques and how to avoid future problems
  • What will stand the test of time in your home

An Organized Process

We begin our design and selections process by helping you pick materials with the fewest number of options.  Typically, that means the choice of wood species for custom cabinetry.  Then, we select complementary materials that offer incrementally more options. Specifically, these would include custom cabinet door style, countertops, and tile.  Based on the nearly infinite rainbow of color options, paint usually represents our final selection.  Our professionals help you each step of the way, and the end result is a beautiful, highly-customized combination that will transform your home.  Plus, our contractor pricing through preferred vendors will save you money!

the Next Phase

Once you’ve chosen all the necessary materials, approved all drawings, and we’ve built your custom cabinets in our shop, the TriFection team transitions your project to the construction phase.  At this point, a dedicated project manager establishes a work schedule and assumes responsibility for onsite supervision.  TriFection’s disciplined approach to rigorous advance planning prior to demolition leads to smooth execution.

The Construction Phase

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