Remodeling Timeline

remodeling timeline

How would you like a beautiful new kitchen in which to entertain family and friends this holiday season?  Or a luxurious new master bathroom as a present from Santa for all your hard work during the year?  Or even an added guest suite so that close family visitors are not, dare we say, too close?….During these hot summer days, the holiday season probably seems like a long ways off.  However, now is the perfect time for you to begin planning your next home remodeling project.  Get started now so your family can enjoy a dream home in plenty of time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s!

Remodeling Timeline

The key to a successful remodeling project is effective planning.  Some of the most important steps include:home for holidays

  • Determining the most important upgrades to your home and how much you can comfortably spend on the project
  • Defining your tastes in design and various materials, such as wood, granite, lighting and paint
  • Selecting a reputable contractor.  Just remember, you get what you pay for!  Or, as Tom Tynan likes to say, “You can pay now or pay later”
  • Understanding the timeline for project completion and planning around work obligations, vacations, back-to-school and other issues
  • Making arrangements for a secondary kitchen, bathroom or residence during construction, if necessary

How Long Does a Standard Remodel Take?

Once you select TriFection, our in-house design and selection phase lasts one to two weeks.  We help you visualize the project with our computerized design capabilities.  Our selection specialist then works closely with you to choose materials that match your tastes and budget perfectly.  During this period, we also order the necessary materials and build custom cabinetry and other custom furniture at our facilities.  From “Demo Day,” the average expected time to complete a bathroom remodeling project is three to four weeks.  A kitchen remodeling project typically takes four to six weeks while a room addition may take three to six months.  Client change orders, weather-related delays or other factors could extend the duration of the project.  Therefore, it’s a great idea to start planning today and avoid the rush as the holiday season approaches.  Call us or contact us online so we can help!

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