A kitchen that cooks

Your kitchen serves more functions than the original builder could have imagined. You demand more from your kitchen. We helped the Richardsons get it.

Richardson’s kitchen looked like this before
The Richardson’s kitchen BEFORE

Here’s the kitchen that prompted one client to say, “Enough!” Sure, it’s functional enough—in a dated kind of way. But, it doesn’t make great use of the space. It served its basic purpose. But, kitchens today have greater purposes.

Creating a better space for all

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking and dining. Your kitchen is the center of family activity. It’s where you entertain your really good friends.

Clearly, this was not a room that filled that role. Limited seating space, wasted floor space, dated colors, and appliances in need of update.

The Richardsons wanted a kitchen they could be comfortable in and proud of—and they had to do it on a budget. That’s when they called TriFection.

Form. Function. Fit.

After exploring all the possiblities and looking at the budget realities, TriFection developed a plan that gave the

Richardson’s kitchen looks like this after
The Richardson’s kitchen AFTER TriFection

Richardsons a room they could enjoy using and bragging about.
Granite counters, new cabinets, updated appliances and lighting. The Richardsons got it all. Best of all, they got it on budget.

For more pictures of this TriFection kitchen and others like it, click here.


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