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Our clients in Katy decided to make their dream home become a reality.  After all, they’d worked hard for many years and deserved to be surrounded in luxury on a daily basis.  Their plans called for full-scale renovations to the kitchen and master bathroom as well as significant upgrades to two upstairs bathrooms and new flooring throughout the house.

For a project of this magnitude, they understood the importance of partnering with a highly qualified and trustworthy contractor.  After meeting with numerous companies and careful consideration, they wisely chose TriFection.

Showcase Kitchen & Living Area

In close coordination with the TriFection design & selections team, our clients picked beautiful cherry wood with timeless Shaker style doors and contemporary hardware for the cabinets.  The countertops were made of Star Beach granite, a natural stone with warm colors and interesting variation.  The backsplash was Crema Marfil with honed planking that fit together like a puzzle.  Finally, the flooring was filled and honed Ivory Travertine, installed in a Versailles pattern.

While the individual elements of the kitchen were certainly unique, they blended together effortlessly so that no one element dominated the eye.  The room, along with the adjacent living area complete with a stunning engineered hickory floor,  is now an ideal setting for entertaining friends and family.

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Five-Star Bathroom

In the master bathroom, the clients wanted a design and color scheme that would complement the existing Venetian plaster on the walls.  With such a striking color already present, we needed to add elements that would stand up yet not compete too strongly.

The resulting selections were Emperador Dark marble for the countertops, tub deck, window sill and curb.  The split face on the tub splash created a bit of a waterfall effect.  A spacious frameless glass shower with light walnut, filled and honed Travertine tile (neatly accented with subway glass and Travertine mosaic as spacers) and a rain fixture provided the luxury resort look with maximum daily comfort.

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