Copper Bathroom Upgrades

copper upgrades bathroom

If you want to breathe new life into an older home, a great place to start is with a bathroom renovation.  Many older bathrooms are just too small.  They also do not feature the modern amenities that provide greater comfort.

You deserve a very personalized room to relax during your private time at the beginning and end of every day.  And, upgraded bathrooms represent one of the best returns on residential investment.  Our clients in Meyerland understood this concept.  They wanted a bathroom unlike any other.  When they turned to TriFection for help, we delivered!

Custom Cabinetry Provides French Provincial Look

The clients asked us to address some common one of a kind bathroomproblems – cramped space, lack of storage, poor lighting, etc.

Our design solution began with removing the wall that divided the vanity area from the water closet, which opened the room.  We also removed fur downs to allow for taller cabinets and extra storage.

Our selection specialist then worked diligently to satisfy the clients’ desire for a unique French Provincial look.  Together, they chose a “distressed” paint texture on the walls to match the new custom cabinetry we built.  The flooring selection was a silver chiseled travertine tile in a Versailles pattern.

Copper Bathroom Upgrades Make the Space

We also tiled the wall behind the tub.  Ah yes, the tub….a classic, free-standing soaker made of copper and shipped directly from India.  Patterned copper sinks set in a beautiful Azul Bahia granite countertop provided complementary elegance.

The clients were absolutely thrilled with the finished product.  The bathroom renovation looked great, featured thoughtful design with efficient storage, and fit their budget and personality.  In other words, they achieved TriFection!

As result, they chose us for a full-scale kitchen remodel and floor replacement throughout the house.  That’s how we’ve built our company over the years – by working hard to earn repeat business and referrals from all of our satisfied clients!

For more pictures of this TriFection bathroom and others like it, click here. Want to add copper bathroom upgrades to your style? Give us a call!

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