Kitchen Remodeling Inspiration Across the Street

Minor kitchen remodel

When our client in west Houston decided to remodel her kitchen, she sought the advice of her neighbors across the street.  These folks hired TriFection several years ago for the same type of project.  They enjoyed a very pleasant experience, and their custom kitchen still looks terrific today.  So, they advised her to give us a call.  Finding a professional contractor through a personal referral source like that provides homeowners much greater peace of mind.

Lending Our Expertise to New Kitchen Wish List

Our client had a strong sense of what she wanted (and didn’t want) in a new kitchen.  We quickly agreed a major redesign of the floor plan would be unnecessary.  However, we offered several ideas on how to maximize storage capacity and improve the accessibility of stored items.  The existing kitchen featured a very large walk-in pantry closet, with which she had grown very comfortable over the years.  While big in terms of overall square footage, the closet had shallow shelves and wasted usable space.  It also limited what we could in adjacent areas of the kitchen design.

Kitchen updates cabinets

Therefore, after much discussion, we convinced her that removing the closet walls to make room for a TriFection custom pantry cabinet would be a much better solution.  She would gain more storage, the cabinet would be far more aesthetically pleasing, and she’d get more countertop space.  After that, the rest of the kitchen design was easy.

Kitchen Selections Achieve Desired Look

Our client sought a more modern, bright look for her kitchen.  She decided to replace her painted plywood cabinets with solid beech wood and natural finish.  The style of the cabinet fronts would be Shaker, the most popular choice for TriFection clients because it satisfies both traditional and contemporary tastes.  Our European-style, hidden door hinges and soft-close drawer slides improved the look and functionality of the cabinets.

Our selections team and vendor partners helped our client search far and wide for the perfect granite countertops.  She ultimately discovered a beautiful Café Crème color, which had to be shipped from California.  We all breathed a sigh of relief once the actual slabs arrived and looked as good in person as they did in online pictures!

Minor kitchen remodel counters

The backsplash tile chosen to complement the granite was IC Brites Canvas 3 x6 in a broken joint pattern with an Infinity Beige accent.  She chose Geotech White 12 x 24 for the floor tile and Krypton for the wall paint color.  A sleek appliance package from Jenn-Air, along with a Z Line island vent hood, rounded out the key selections.

Kitchen Remodel Makes Good Dollars and Sense

Our client is an accomplished accountant.  She knows how to establish a reasonable budget and invest money in her home wisely.  We know she could have gone down a cheaper remodeling road, but she recognized high-quality custom craftsmanship and service and willingly paid a fair price for it.  As a result, she can now enjoy a stunning kitchen for many years to come and has meaningfully enhanced the future value of her home.  We’re so thankful she trusted her neighbors and gave us the opportunity!

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