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Our clients in west Houston originally had enlisted another contractor to remodel their kitchen a couple of years ago.  However, Hurricane Harvey delayed the planned start date.  After a while, they could not reach that contractor.  Unfortunately, they discovered the company was no longer in business and their down payment lost.  In their search for a professional remodeling contractor, they listened to Tom Tynan and called TriFection, a trusted HomeShow Pro.

Professional Remodeling Contractor

professional remodeling contractorThe original contractor intended to reface our clients’ kitchen cabinets, meaning keep the cabinet boxes and replace the doors and drawers.  That’s a good idea if you have wood cabinets.  Cabinets constructed with MDF, particle board or Thermafoil (cheap wood substitutes) are not good candidates for refacing.  The cabinet boxes cannot be properly sanded and painted, stained wood skins will not adhere tightly, and heavy-duty cabinet door hinges will not mount as intended over time.  Please understand – we LOVE to reface cabinets, and our master carpenters are exceptionally good at it.  But, we won’t do it on the wrong cabinets.  We’d much rather miss the business than accept a homeowner’s money to do perform what we know is a bad idea…

When the TriFection consultant explained these issues, our clients welcomed the honest and professional advice regarding their existing particle board cabinets.  For their desired cabinetry look, she educated them as to why new custom cabinets would be the best solution.  New solid wood cabinets would prove far more durable and aesthetically pleasing but also provide the functional improvements they sought.  Our new kitchen design offered more storage capacity and easier accessibility, goals achieved on every TriFection custom kitchen remodeling project.

Trustworthy Remodeling Contractor

professional remodeling contractorWith help from the TriFection selections team, our clients chose raised panel cabinet doors with a cove edge.  We painted the cabinets Pure White and installed Colonial White granite countertops.  For a stylish, complementary backsplash, we set 3″x6″ Emma White Glossy tile.  A unique decorative mural created with New Era Thassos Long Hexagon tile and Cigar White Polished Thassos tile accents the cooktop area beautifully.  Vesallo Smoke 12″x24″ adorns the kitchen flooring.

To maintain the bright feel and showcase these selections, we installed LED recessed can lighting throughout the kitchen and living area.  Dimmer switches allow our clients to adjust just how bright they prefer the rooms to be, depending on the time of day and the mood.

Happiness at the End of a Long Journey

The neighbors were amazed upon learning TriFection finished this project in about five weeks, while their own kitchen remodeling required six months…Our clients love their new custom cabinets and are so grateful to have avoided a bad cabinet refacing project.  That original contractor is out of business for a reason.  Poor advice will always catch up to you eventually, particularly in the remodeling industry.  Positive word-of-mouth from many satisfied homeowners means everything to a contractor’s long-term success.  That explains why TriFection has served Greater Houston homeowners for over 30 years and is still going strong!

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