DIY vs Professional Renovation

diy vs professional renovation

The social media era has made DIY solutions popular for everything from hair-styling all the way to home renovation.  However, there’s a reason that professional remodeling companies like TriFection are still going strong.  In this post, we outline the aspects of DIY vs professional renovation.

If you are a homeowner attempting to tackle major remodeling projects on your own, you could be in for a major financial disaster.  Before you start streaming those DIY videos and breaking out the sledgehammer, there are some things you should consider:

  • What Will A Remodel Entail?
  • How Long Will The Remodel Take?
  • How Prepared Are You?

For major home renovation projects, doing it yourself is not always your best option.  In fact, when it comes to DIY vs professional renovation, hiring a professional often turns out to be both cheaper and easier. 

DIY vs Professional Renovation: DIY Television

Imagine this: you come home from a long day at work to relax.  There, in your bathroom, you see it: a crack in the wall.  You wonder if it’s finally time to call in a professional remodeler or if you can DIY it.  After all, it looks so easy on television, doesn’t it?

The truth is that everything looks easy on HGTV thanks to a professional team of editors and heavy sponsoring by vendors.  Something that seems quick and simple on television or on a YouTube video could end up taking hours, weeks or even months.  That is assuming that nothing goes wrong.  More than likely, the editors of those DIY shows spend a lot of time editing out the missteps of the DIY remodelers.

The bottom line is that you can’t judge the difficulty or ease of a task by how simple it looks on TV.  When you’re deciding on DIY vs professional renovation, you can’t base your decision on how well a project fits into a thirty-minute episode.  You also can’t predict what might happen if something goes wrong.  Only experience can teach you that, and if you don’t have extensive remodeling experience, your best bet is to hire someone who does.

DIY vs Professional Renovation: What Will A Remodel Entail?

This is the first and biggest question you should ask yourself.  Are you just doing a few touch-ups or are you hitting reset on the whole room?  Are you replacing the hardware on a few drawers or are you replacing all of your kitchen countertops?

If you’re just repainting a room, you probably don’t need professional remodeling.  The worst that can happen is that the color is wrong, you get an uneven coat, or you make a mess.  Those problems aren’t fun to deal with, but they aren’t nightmarish either.

But, a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel is a different matter altogether.  First off, a complete remodel might require permits as well as electrical or plumbing work.  You will need to be sure your outlets and wiring are all up to code.

Remodels that require electrical work are not only difficult but potentially dangerous.  The same is true for plumbing work.  An error in either of these areas could seriously damage your home, now or in the future.

If you are a remodel novice with no experience in electrical or plumbing work and no working knowledge of how permits work, it may be time to hire a contractor.

Project Management 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with a professional contractor is their ability to manage a project

During an extensive remodel, there is a sequence in which you must perform certain tasks.  For instance, the cabinet box installation must come before flooring.  Countertops come before backsplash.  You have to water test a shower pan before you install the bathroom tile.  Professional contractors know the proper remodeling sequence and can manage your project accordingly.  In this video, we explain the importance of hiring a good project manager for your renovation:

How Long Will a DIY vs Professional Renovation Take?

If you are DIY-ing a home renovation, you probably have a day job and will only be working on your project in the evenings and on weekends.  How much time are you willing to spend on this project?  Do you really know how long it will take? 

The first time you do something, no matter how flat your learning curve, it will take longer than you think.  As we mentioned earlier, something that looks like it will take a couple of days on YouTube, may take significantly longer. 

The great thing about hiring a professional contractor is that they can be much more realistic in terms of how long a renovation will take, based on their many years of experience.  When you are planning a project with a trusted contractor like TriFection, they will provide you an expected timeframe and work with you to achieve that completion date.  Just remember, the more scope and selections changes you make along the way, the longer the project will take.  Most importantly, whether you DIY or hire a contractor, don’t rush through a remodel!  Your focus should be on proper sequencing and thorough checking of each step, not a race to the finish line.

Are You Prepared For A DIY Renovation?

When a professional contractor walks into a project, they have a good idea of what could possibly go wrong.  They know from experience how to handle these bumps in the road.  Can you say the same?

For instance, what if you demo your cabinets and discover major sheetrock damage or even mold?  Would you know what to do?  A professional contractor has probably encountered this exact problem in the past.

When you are deciding DIY vs professional renovation, you should also consider tools.  Do you have the tools necessary for the job OR will you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying them?  Can you use those tools safely?  Do you have the space to store them OR will you have to rent a storage space?

When you hire a professional contractor, they will have the necessary tools and you won’t have to worry about storage. 

Even if you’re simply planning to serve as your own general contractor and hire individual trade crews, you should be prepared for a major time commitment.  You’ll need to effectively coordinate labor and materials, which can be extremely challenging without experience and for companies and individuals not accustomed to working together.  Think herding cats…and be prepared to deal with late arrivals, incorrect or defective material deliveries, finger pointing, a messy jobsite, and lots of time spent on the phone.  A professional contractor assembles his or her own top-quality crews and manages a large number of logistical and quality control issues so you don’t have to.  Instead, you can spend time doing what you do well professionally and enjoy for leisure.

DIY vs Professional Renovation: Conclusion

Attempting a DIY renovation project may seem like fun and a great way to save some money, particularly if you watch HGTV.  However, as with many “reality” shows, don’t believe everything you see on television.  Just like you can’t expect to find forever love after a few fantasy dates with fame-seeking contestants, don’t expect your DIY project to run as smoothly and quickly as what you watched.  Financing from product vendors and masterful video editing to fit a desired storyline can easily distort the truth.  Here’s the true reality – a trustworthy contractor is worth every penny spent for the expert advice, problem-solving ability, and time savings provided.

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