Solid Oak Custom Cabinets Offer Timeless Appeal

Houston Custom Oak Cabinet

While many interior design trends come and go, oak custom cabinets have remained popular for decades.  Widely available in the U.S., oak is a very durable hardwood with a distinctive grain pattern.  It accepts stain incredibly well, which allows custom cabinetmakers like TriFection to create a wide variety of different looks.  Typically, you should not use oak for smooth-finished painted cabinets because the heavier grain will show.  Oak is a true wood lover’s wood of choice, with natural beauty and character.

Beautiful and Functional…

Some consumers associate oak with a very traditional style.  While this may be true in certain cases, the chosen stain color, cabinet front profile and other material selections heavily influence the overall look.  For example, darker stain colors can make the heavier grain of oak less prominent.  Also, appropriate choices for countertops, backsplash, flooring, paint colors and even cabinet hardware can combine with oak cabinets to create a transitional or modern style.  Believe it or not, a simple change in cabinet knobs and pulls alone can sometimes redefine the style.  TriFection’s professional selections team can help you coordinate the perfect combination for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house.

Many Moms and Dads with younger children love stained oak cabinets for their durability.  Unlike softer woods, such as pine or poplar, oak will not dent or scratch easily.  Let’s face it – kids frequently bang into cabinets with their toys, backpacks, or each other when playing.  They also can be fairly rough on cabinets when opening and closing doors and drawers.  Or, they may leave dripped water from the sink unwiped from the cabinets.  Over time, that daily wear & tear can take a toll on cabinets, especially painted cabinets that chip or peel easily.  One of the last things you want to see in a newly built or remodeled home is beat-up cabinets less than a year later…A stained lacquer finish on oak cabinets will endure for a long time, and it can be touched up easily, when necessary.

And Also Affordable!

Based on its relatively abundant supply in many parts of the country, oak prices very attractively compared to other popular hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut.  Some consumers mistakenly believe oak’s lower price implies inferior quality.  You often “get what you pay for” in many elements of residential construction.  However, that’s simply not true in the case of oak vs. other wood species.  Regional availability and shipping logistics drive the price differential.  Those other woods usually come from the northern U.S. or Canada.  So, getting them to the southwest market costs more.  Rest assured oak’s functional quality is on par with any other hardwood.

See Examples of TriFection’s Oak Custom Cabinet Portfolio

To this day, oak remains one of the most common cabinet selections for TriFection clients.  Our master cabinetmakers and cabinet finishers love crafting with oak.  It serves as a great option for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, entertainment centers, office furniture, you name it…Check out some examples from our portfolio to see if oak could be right for your home!

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