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As we approach the end of a hot summer, perhaps you once again noticed a sharp rise in your recent electric bills…Windows and doors create the easiest pathways for outside temperature transfer into your home.  Unfortunately, older or lower-grade windows often do not provide effective insulation.  Consequently, if you don’t have energy-efficient windows, the air conditioner and furnace carry a heavy burden to maintain comfort during summer and winter months.  Furthermore, ineffective window seals may allow for even greater temperature transfers or damaging water leaks.  Lastly, outdated windows unnecessarily invite unwanted outside noise into your home.  Replacement windows from TriFection will solve these problems and immediately improve the curb appeal of your home!

TriFection Offers Top-Quality Replacement Windows…

While most Houston consumers know TriFection for our stunning home remodels and custom cabinetry, our company roots date back more than 30 years with replacement windows.  Importantly, we offer a complete lineup of replacement windows with all the desirable energy-efficient features, including:

  • Double-paned glass
  • Gas insulation between glass panes
  • Low-E glass coating

Without getting too scientific, “Low-E” refers to a low degree of thermal emissivity.  Emissivity describes how much heat a particular surface absorbs.  Therefore, Low-E windows have a microscopically thin, transparent coating.  This special coating reflects harmful UV rays and heat while allowing visible light into your home.  The interior temperature remains more consistent as outside heat stays out and inside heat stays in.  Moreover, the gas insulation also limits temperature transfer and serves as an excellent sound barrier.

…For Extremely Competitive Prices!

Unlike major window companies, TriFection does not spend vast sums of money on marketing or rely on commission-based salespeople to promote our windows.  However, we source our windows through some of the very same manufacturers.  In fact, we generate most of our window sales from past clients who know us based on other remodeling work we have performed for them.  These folks trust we represent only high-quality products and employ top-notch installers.  With little overhead expense, we can offer our clients extremely competitive prices on replacement windows!

If you’d like to save BIG MONEY on the cost of replacement windows and your future energy bills, call TriFection at (281) 548-2436 for a free quote.  Undoubtedly, you’ll be glad you did!

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