High Character and High Consistency Granite Countertops


At TriFection, we custom fabricate and install beautiful granite countertops.  A vast number of granite color options exist.  From a high level, these colors typically fall in one of two categories:  high character or high consistency granite.  While the quality and structural integrity across the two categories generally remain the same, the aesthetic appeal is very subjective from one homeowner to the next.  What option you choose for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is largely based on your own personal style and budget.

High Character Granite

High character granite refers to granite that contains very distinct, natural movement, making a bold statement for any countertop.  Every slab of a high character granite is unique, with different colors and veining flowing throughout the material.  Due to its exotic look and global supply relative to demand, granite in this category tends to price at least a little higher (sometimes significantly higher) than its counterpart.  This type of granite may also require longer fabrication and installation times, as well as more material, to achieve a seamless look.

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High Consistency Granite

High consistency granite features more subtle natural movement.  Essentially, the colors and flow appear far more consistently throughout each slab.  This option allows the other materials in the room, such as custom cabinets or the tile backsplash, to visually take precedence.  Therefore, high consistency granite often proves to be a great option for rooms that have other designated focal points.  It usually requires less material and time to fabricate and install.  So, that factor, combined with more abundant supply relative to demand, commonly results in a lower price point.  

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Top Quality High Character and High Consistency Granite Countertops

Regardless of whether you choose high character or high consistency granite, the quality of the fabrication and installation work will heavily influence the look of the finished product.  Poor craftsmanship can easily ruin the most beautiful or most exotic slab in the world.  At TriFection, our team of highly experienced, skilled professionals helps you identify the perfect granite color for your desired style and budget.  We also inspect the slabs to ensure excellent structural integrity.  Then, we develop a well-conceived plan to custom fabricate the granite with the fewest number of seams possible.  Any required seams will be placed in the most inconspicuous places possible.  As a result, unlike cheap pre-fab granite options, your countertops will demonstrate a very natural, continuous flow.

Granite countertops represent a major investment in your home that you want to enjoy for many years to come.  Enlist the help of TriFection experts to make the best granite choice for your objectives.  Call us today at 281-548-2436 or leave us a message to get started on your project.

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