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Calacatta marble–this natural stone makes a statement; it sends the message of “style” and is synonymous with “luxury.”

Many home remodeling experts agree homeowners’ choice of countertops and custom cabinets often define the overall appearance and quality of a remodeling project.  At TriFection, we design and build only the highest quality custom cabinetry and insist on using well-regarded countertop materials.  Calacatta marble certainly fits the bill, and we help our clients pick the best slabs for the right applications.

This material can be a great option for those looking for a timeless and sophisticated addition to their home.  Calacatta has been a staple in bathroom design for many years.   If you prefer more “character” in your natural stone, with very unique veining patterns, this option may be an ideal fit.

Are you considering Calacatta marble for your home remodel?

We’ll provide some industry knowledge, answer some of the most common questions, and provide you with a few alternatives.

What is Calacatta Marble?

Calacatta marble shows more a more pure white color than other types of marble.  However, its thick, swirling veins provide eye-catching elegance that sets this stone apart from the rest.  These veins come in a variety of colors, ranging from gray to beige to almost bronze.

Because this is a naturally created stone, each slab is certainly distinctive.  As part of the TriFection selections process, we provide our clients the opportunity to hand-pick their specific slab(s) of Calacatta in person.  They may absolutely love the look of one slab while considering others far less appealing.  Furthermore, once they pick a slab, they may request certain sections of that slab be featured in a certain area.  We work closely with our fabricator to accommodate such requests, when possible.

Why Clients Choose Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble has been a staple material for decades.  Clients select this specific marble option for two reasons: distinction and versatility.


When compared to other marble slabs, Calacatta marble displays a more prominent white appearance.  This gives the stone the ability to lighten up virtually any space, especially when installed in bathrooms.

At the same time, Calacatta also shows off bolder veining–streaks of gray and gold that effortlessly provide a dramatic contrast to the space.  It provides the look and feel of luxurious elegance without overwhelming the other material selections.

Nevertheless, you’d be amazed at what a single stone selection can do for a remodel.  


calacatta marble accentDon’t underestimate the versatility of Calacatta marble’s applications.  This stone is flexible for several different types of home and commercial interior applications, including:  countertops, backsplashes, tabletops, shelves, floors, window sills, shower curbs and more.

For bathroom renovations, we can even install a Calacatta marble slab for your tub deck and bathroom walls.  Now, how’s that for a luxurious, spa-like space?

How to Care for Calacatta Marble

Whether you have marble or another type of natural stone natural stone, you must know how to care for it properly.

The beauty of this marble does require special attention to cleaning and maintenance to keep the stone in top condition.  To clean your marble surface, you’ll need to invest in a pH-balanced cleaner, as the surface is highly sensitive to acidic solutions. 

Marble, like other natural stones, is porous.  This makes the stone susceptible to the growth of bacteria in its mineral pores.  Before installation, TriFection seals the entirety of the surface to prevent this from happening.  You will need to have the marble resealed periodically, perhaps once every 10-15 years with proper sealing initially and effective care afterwards.  Rest assured, the resealing process is not time-consuming or expensive, so it should not serve as a deterrent if you like the look and price of Calacatta marble.

Calacatta Marble for the Bathroom

We consider Calacatta and other marbles to be ideal for bathroom renovations, but not for use in the kitchen.

As mentioned, the porosity of marble makes it vulnerable to staining agents (like wine, oil, and juice) that can sink deep into the stone.  Once this happens, mitigation can be difficult, if not impossible.  Therefore, you must hire a professional to seal your marble as part of installation.

Secondly, for most people, the kitchen is one of the most heavily used areas in the house.  From chopping vegetables to stacking plates or even dropping your keys, your kitchen countertops receive a lot of traffic and wear.  Unfortunately, marble is much softer relative to other durable countertop options, such as granite or quartz.  Normal kitchen activities and commonly used cooking materials can cause Calacatta marble, as well as other marbles, to chip or etch easily

We realize custom home remodeling represents a major investment for most folks, so your newly installed countertops should be with you for the long haul!

Alternatives to Calacatta Marble

When you’re evaluating your options, we recommend clients don’t become fixated on one specific material.   Keep an open mind and listen to suggestions from professionals.  Cararra marble, engineered quartz, quartzite, and granite represent the best alternatives to Calacatta marble.  You’ll be pleased to know some offer greater durability while others price more attractively.

Carrara Marble

Consumers often confuse Calacatta and Carrara marbles.  carrera marblePlease note Carrara has more of an off-white or gray background with soft, feathery veining.  Conversely, Calacatta has a crisp white that contrasts with bolder veins.

No significant differences exist between Carrara and Calacatta in terms of hardness, density, or porosity.  The amount of maintenance required also remains the same.  The major differences can be found in the color and price points of the two marbles.  Carrara does not feature the stark white backdrop of Calacatta, and it prices less expensively.

Importantly, both Carrara and Calacatta are unique, quality marbles that make excellent options for bathroom renovations.   But, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, we recommend the following:


calacatta marble alternative quartzQuartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces, created by combining around 90% ground natural quartz with about 10% poly-resin.  As a manufactured product without porosity, quartz does not require sealing.

Quartz requires very little maintenance resists staining.  Various color options from high-quality manufacturers like Cambria can mimic the swirling of Calacatta marble.


Some homeowners enjoy the look of Calacatta marble but want a more durable natural stone.  For these customers, we recommend quartzite.

Regardless if you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom, quartzite serves as one of the best-all-aroundcalacatta marble alternative-quartzite materials to mimic the look of marble.  In fact, often times homeowners confuse slabs of quartzite for marble.  The stone’s beauty matches its durability, heat resistance, and a host of other positive traits.

Although some quartzite slabs can be harder than granite, others may retain their soft-stone properties.  So, it’s important to work with a professional installer, as each slab may not have the same composition.


calacatta marble alternative -viscount white granite countertopsFinally, granite is also a great alternative to Calacatta marble, especially for those who do still want a natural stone for their remodel.

While you won’t get the exact look and veining, the huge range of colors and styles that granite offers enables you to find similar colors or patterns that you may be looking for.

Remodeling with Calacatta in Houston

If you’re evaluating the various types of marble, or other natural stones, for your remodeling project, don’t get overwhelmed.  We know the options seem almost limitless.  At TriFection, we have a professional interior design team that will help you select material that perfectly fits your personal tastes, lifestyle and budget. We take the guess-work and endless searching out of your remodeling project.

For more information, contact us via online form or call us at 281-548-2436.

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