Wood-Look Tile: Passing Trend or New Tradition?

trend of wood-look tile

Recently, more TriFection clients have begun to consider porcelain tile that looks like wood as an alternative to real wood for their floors.  Our friends at Arizona Tile believe the wood-look tile trend is here to stay.  One representative commented, “Homeowners prefer it to wood because it’s more durable and scratch-resistant, and that’s especially important to people who are currently putting their homes back together after Harvey or folks with pets or heavy foot traffic through their home.”

Technological advancements have dramatically improved the tiles’ overall quality and resemblance to wood. Arizona product lines such as Aequa, Aspen, and Club all contain proprietary digital print technology as well as a consistent body color. These lines also offer a rectified feature, which means each tile has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve an even greater level of uniformity and precision.  Rectified tile also allows for narrower grout joints.  Check out these examples:


Aequa-Tile.jpg Aspen-tile.jpg
  • When working with tile longer than 15″, Arizona recommends an offset of 33% or less
  • For straight edge tile (not finished on all sides), the minimum recommended grout joint is 1/8″
  • For rectified tile, a thinner 1/16″ grout line is achievable
  • Proper grout joints are especially important for longer tiles so as to avoid “lippage” (height differences between adjacent tiles).  Lippage not only can hurt your toe when walking in bare feet but also result in cracked or broken tiles
Club-Tile.jpg Savannah-Tileb.jpg

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