Why Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels Are a Great Investment

kitchen and bathroom remodels great investments

Investing in a custom-quality kitchen or bathroom remodel is a great idea.  Not only do homeowners enjoy the upgraded look and feel of luxury over the next 10+ years, but they also increase the value of their home.  A custom kitchen or bathroom makes the home far more attractive to prospective buyers.  Local and national industry statistics indicate resale values have increased 60%-70%, on average, relative to the initial remodeling investment.  In some cases, the increase in resale value following a custom remodel has been much greater.

The Truth About Kitchens & Bathrooms

If you’re considering a remodeling investment in your home, start with an honest evaluation of the kitchen and master bathroom.  Most likely, they’re the two most valuable rooms in the house, as most of our time is spent there daily.  Kitchens have become the heart, and often the entertainment center, of the home.  On the other hand, the master bathroom is where you start and finish every day.  The primary sources of enjoyment, or lack thereof, in a home can be found in the kitchen and master bathroom.

Furthermore, real estate agents will tell you that the kitchen and master bathroom most commonly represent the top two “Go To” rooms during home showings.  As such, they have the biggest impact on buyers’ decisions.  Therefore, working with a highly experienced contractor like TriFection, which provides timeless design ideas and top-quality construction, is a must.  TriFection will deliver a kitchen and/or bathroom remodel that both you and future homebuyers will love.

Added Value in a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens have become very popular areas these days for bringing families together and entertaining guests.  Most homeowners and prospective homebuyers desire spacious and open concepts, additional seating, multi-purpose functionality and more cabinet storage.  A well-conceived kitchen remodeling project should achieve each of these objectives.

Modern kitchen remodels with beautiful solid wood custom cabinetry, custom-fabricated countertops and sleek appliances provide immediate visual appeal.  They will also differentiate your home within the neighborhood.  You will enjoy these and other amenities for cooking and entertaining until you decide to sell the house.  Keep in mind, however, the kitchen is the most complex room in your home, and the most valuable.  The complexity is due to all of the required cabinetry, electrical wiring, plumbing, gas lines, and ductwork in the kitchen.  Therefore, when deciding to remodel, your chosen contractor and craftsmen must be able to demonstrate a successful track record with this type of project.  Otherwise, you could experience major problems and jeopardize the safety of your family.

kitchen remodels with beautiful solid wood custom cabinetry

For a full remodel of an averaged-sized kitchen, a budget range of $50,000-$60,000 is an appropriate starting point. Major floor plan changes in the kitchen would require a bigger investment.  If those figures seem high, think about it in relation to the overall value of your home and the fact the kitchen is the single most valuable room.  Additionally, real data from Greater Houston and across the country indicate you could reasonably expect to recoup at least $30,000-$45,000 of that investment in time through increased resale value.  Taken together, that’s a fairly small price to pay for the much greater enjoyment of your kitchen over the next 10+ years.

Added Value in a Master Bathroom Remodel

The master bath is the most personal and intimate room in a house.  You use the master bath at least twice every day.  It’s a source of refreshment and quiet solitude.  Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the luxurious feel of a 5-star hotel or spa in your own master bath?  With a TriFection custom master bathroom remodel, you can have it!

Most master bath remodels now begin with a large walk-in shower. In today’s society, we just don’t take baths like previous generations, so the bathtub often represents wasted space.  Big showers with cool features, such as a comfortable bench seat and handheld showering units are in high demand.  For added luxury, today’s homeowners also look for digital valves, frameless glass, and multiple recessed soap & shampoo niches in the shower.

Modern shower bench seats allow you to have the functionality of a bathtub without having to sit in dirty water or clean the tub when you’re finished.  If you like and use a tub regularly, however, then keep a tub as part of your bathroom remodel.  Just don’t keep it because you think you need it for resale value.  That’s simply not true.  More prospective homebuyers will be attracted to a large, modern shower.

Custom vanity cabinets, linen cabinets, and head-knocker cabinets provide improved aesthetics, durability and more storage.  Natural stone or engineered quartz delivers stunning beauty to vanity countertops, bench seats, tub decks and other areas in the bathroom.  Tile choices for the shower, bathtub and bathroom floor provide elegance and a sense of style.

remodeling a master bathroom is not a project for the inexperienced

Again, remodeling a master bathroom is not a project for the inexperienced.  Sloppy plumbing or tile installation work can cause huge headaches and painful repair bills in the future.  Choose a team of professionals who know what they’re doing.  An appropriate starting budget range for remodeling an average-sized master bathroom is $35,000-$45,000.  If the master bathroom is well-designed and well-built, the expectation of $20,000-$30,000 higher home resale value is very reasonable based on past history.  That’s a great net investment in exchange for 5-star luxury every day!

Consult with the Experts at TriFection

TriFection’s team of professionals has remodeled thousands of kitchens and bathrooms for over 30 years.  We’ve designed a wide variety of floor plans and catered to many different personal styles.  Everything we do is custom, meaning our projects are designed and built with the objectives of only one homeowner in mind – YOU!  We give our clients excellent advice in terms of what looks good, what functions well and what fits their budget & lifestyle. Form, Function & Fit – that is the essence of TriFection!

For the reasons explained in this article, a kitchen or master bath remodel should be viewed as an investment in perhaps your most valuable asset, your home. Unlike daily-use vehicles and other personal possessions, our homes generally appreciate in value over time.  So, if you take care of your home and invest wisely, you’ll be rewarded with a higher sale price in the future.  Call TriFection today at (281) 548-2436 (or 281-KITCHEN) to schedule a consultation with an expert home improvement advisor!

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