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Holiday home remodeling

Every fall season, TriFection receives many calls from homeowners seeking a holiday home renovation before family arrives.  These folks suddenly realize the kitchen is too cramped for entertaining and the appliances no longer work as they should.  Or, the state of the guest bathrooms serves as at least a slight embarrassment or even a total eyesore.  Perhaps a husband wants to finally give his wife that new master bathroom he promised five years ago.  Or, maybe they both want to upgrade the entire home just to stick it to annoying Uncle Fred, who always brags about his house… Regardless, they’re often in a panicked rush to remodel immediately.  If you want to complete a major home remodel this year, save yourself significant stress by starting early.  Call TriFection today!

holiday home renovation

Successful Remodeling Starts with Planning

At TriFection, we continually preach that high-quality, custom remodeling involves a thorough planning process prior to onsite execution.  That is the real “secret” to our success.  Remodeling problems often arise due to a lack of thoughtful planning or rushed performance.  Unfortunately, we often must turn away business simply because a homeowner’s completion deadline is not compatible with our disciplined preparation process.  We would rather politely pass on an opportunity than “cut corners” in our proven procedures or simply tell a client what they want to hear.  Our clients deserve professional expertise in their corner, and they appreciate our honesty and leadership.

The TriFection process dictates the approval of numerous drawings prior to construction, including floor plans, conceptual renderings, cabinet elevations, tile drawings, etc. These detailed drawings take time to produce and revise, as necessary. However, it’s time well spent because they prevent frustrating (and potentially costly) mistakes and delays. Furthermore, before the onsite work begins, clients select the necessary materials, appliances, and fixtures. Securing those items in advance avoids unwanted surprises and further delays. We also want to provide our clients plenty of time to shop around and make the perfect choices that match their desired style and budget.

Holiday kitchen remodeling TriFection

Holiday Home Renovation Takes Time

Proper planning for a major kitchen or bathroom remodel easily can take four to six months.  The onsite construction work very well may last several weeks.  So, if you’re truly serious about remodeling this year and want it done before the holidays, there is no time to spare!  Not many people think about Christmas needs in the middle of a scorching hot Texas summer.  Nevertheless, beat the home remodeling rush that happens every fall.  Call TriFection today at (281) 548-2436.  We’d love to hear about your proposed project!

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