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When most homeowners consider a master bath remodel, a new walk-in shower is usually at the top of their priority list.  They want a more spacious shower or one with a modern look and luxurious amenities.  After all, the shower should serve as an intimate spot for comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation every day.

At TriFection, we have designed and built hundreds of truly custom showers of all shapes and sizes imaginable.  We work closely with our clients to ensure the new shower incorporates all their desired features and integrates smoothly with the entire bathroom remodel.  Starting with an air-tight, custom-fit shower pan liner, TriFection showers exhibit tremendous beauty and functionality.  Here are several walk-in shower concepts from our portfolio that may serve as inspiration for your next bath remodeling project!

Frameless Glass Showers

Remember the gold-framed shower glass from the ’80s and early ’90s?  Maybe you still have some in your home…But, just like parachute pants, Madonna and Miami Vice, framed shower glass is a relic from a bygone era.  These days nearly everyone prefers the modern, sleek look of frameless shower glass.

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Pony Wall Showers

Rather than full-height shower glass, some homeowners like a little more privacy while showering.  Therefore, we build half-walls of tile, also known as pony walls, with frameless glass on top to allow more light.  Pony walls also can help conceal personal showering products and bench seats.

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Full-Height Wall Showers

Other homeowners seek complete showering privacy OR they do not want to clean shower glass.  In either case, we design and build custom showers with full walls of tile and no glass.  Some folks refer to it as a “locker room” style shower.  With this type of shower, effective lighting becomes especially important.

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Walk-In Showers with a Bench Seat and Handheld

As a society, we simply do not take baths like we used to.  Consequently, TriFection often eliminates old bathtubs to create space for larger walk-in showers.  Instead of soaking in a tub, homeowners enjoy the ability to sit on a comfortable bench inside the shower and use a separate handheld showering device.  This option provides largely the same function as a bath, except they don’t sit in dirty water and have a ring around the tub to clean.  As such, shower benches are very popular.

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Curbless Walk-In Showers

Shower curbs prevent water from spilling outside the shower and onto the bathroom floor.  Some TriFection clients, particularly elderly folks, want to avoid stepping over even a modest curb as they enter and exit the shower.  We can eliminate the shower curb IF we have enough shower floor space to maintain a gradual slope and prevent a slipping hazard.  To create that slope, in most cases, we must carefully break more foundation concrete than we otherwise would.

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Aging In Place Showers

As the large baby boomer generation grows older, a very popular trend is to remodel homes to make them senior-friendly instead of relocating loved ones to a nursing home.  The most important safety modifications usually originate in the bathroom.  Aside from bench seats and curbless showers, TriFection recommends multiple grab bars, a wider opening for entry/exit and textured floor tile for senior showers.  Be sure to choose a certified Aging in Place specialist like TriFection when designing such a shower.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom With a Custom Walk-In Shower

As with all TriFection remodeling projects, one type of walk-in shower certainly does not fit all.  We design and build everything with only one home in mind – yours.  So, if you’re ready to convert your master bathroom into a luxurious retreat, please give us a call at 281-548-2436 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation!

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