Understanding the Importance of Proper Cover Up and Demolition When Remodeling

cover up and demolition during remodeling

When you go out in the rain, you take an umbrella; in cold weather, you wear a jacket.  Covering up is important and can greatly impact your future happiness – especially if you don’t want to wander around wet following a rain storm or catch a cold and end up in bed for a few days.  During a remodeling project, protecting your home is important.  Therefore, cover up and demolition should be equally as important.

You don’t want to incur any unnecessary damage or make the space unlivable while the work is completed.  At TriFection, we take this responsibility just as seriously as any of our other trades.  We describe to prospective clients how cover up and demolition (or “demo”) are not simply quick tasks to be done with mindless brute force.  Instead, we assign skilled demo professionals who carefully set the stage for other tradesmen to follow.  As a result, our clients are often just as amazed by the cleanliness and efficiency of our demo effort as they are by the beauty and functionality of our custom cabinetry.

What’s the big deal? Anyone could do it, right?  Wrong.

Cover up and demolition set the tone.

cover up and demolition during remodeling

TriFection professionals treat your home as we would our own – with care and respect.  We understand you are allowing us into your most personal space and likely one of your largest single investments.  From the very beginning, we want you to rest easily, knowing you are in the hands of an excellent team and the project will flow smoothly.  We only have one chance to make a first impression onsite with you, so our cover up and demo efforts are crucial.  They establish the tone of the working dynamic between us. If we are effective and clean, we will strengthen your trust in TriFection.

No need to destroy any more than necessary.  Swinging a sledgehammer may relieve tremendous stress, but done without care it can also do great harm.  If the wrong part of a wall is hit, electrical wiring, plumbing, duct work or even the structural integrity of a home can easily be damaged.  Additionally, improperly removing tile, counters or cabinets may damage existing floors, sheet-rock or appliances that homeowners plan to keep and reuse.  Unnecessary damage of any kind can delay a project and generate additional costs.  Therefore, we seek to surgically remove items (yes, TriFection owner Jeff Roberts was pre-med in college….) in the reverse order they were first installed.

Protect surrounding areas and valuable items from damage.

cover up and demolition during remodeling Dust is an inevitable part of every remodel; after all, it’s a “construction zone.”  However, containing it as best as possible and covering up highly trafficked areas are important.  Effective cover up not only protects furniture, floors and personal effects but also mitigates the impact of dust throughout the home.  TriFection carefully tapes down ram board and paper, and we hang large sheets of plastic in doorways, walkways and pass-throughs.  We remind our clients to help us by removing delicate items, such as expensive artwork and irreplaceable family heirlooms, from the construction zone in advance.

TriFection professionals understand the importance of cover up and demolition.

Remodeling your home can be a stressful process without the added worries of unintended consequences.  While some folks are tempted to try and save a few dollars by managing demo themselves, we encourage them to trust the professionals at TriFection, just as they would for complex electrical or plumbing work.  We’ll take care of it in a very clean manner – no trash left strewn across the lawn, no unsightly dumpsters left in your driveway, and most importantly, no unnecessary damage to your home.  When our guys are finished, you’ll see a nice blank canvass on which we then can artistically deliver a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom for your family’s enjoyment.

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