TriFection Rescues a Fulshear Bath Remodel

fulshear bath remodel

Our clients live in the Weston Lakes neighborhood of Fulshear.  Over the years, TriFection has remodeled many homes in this area because residents want custom, not cookie-cutter.  These folks originally hired another contractor to remodel their master bath and guest bath.  Unfortunately, that project did not go smoothly.  Regular, effective communication between the parties did not exist.  The contractor provided no drawings for approval in advance, and no real planning occurred.  Key questions remained unanswered as the work onsite began.  Not surprisingly, the homeowners ultimately fired the contractor in the middle of the project as it began to unravel.

Tremendously frustrated with two unfinished bathrooms, these folks contacted TriFection.  They heard Tom Tynan strongly endorse us on HomeShow Radiofulshear bathroom renovationWhen Tom spoke of his personal satisfaction with three TriFection bath remodels and our emphasis on planning, they took notice.  These folks recognized the seriousness of finding the right contractor to fix this mess.  During our consultations, they asked very good questions.  The TriFection team asked our own questions to ensure we represented a good fit to manage this project.  They agreed to start over rather than attempt to integrate our top-quality craftsmanship with existing shoddy work and design flaws.  With mutual trust established, we agreed to proceed.

Improved Bathroom Design

Like many people, our clients wanted a larger shower in the master bathroom.  fulshear remodelingHowever, a nearby window and decked bathtub served as barriers to enlargement.  The solution?  Reduce the size of the window and purchase a modern freestanding bathtub with a smaller footprint.  TriFection’s highly skilled framers and masonry crew resized the window so that no one could ever tell it had been changed.  The clients found the perfect bathtub through our friends at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Now, we had room for a larger shower with a comfortable bench seat and a handheld showering fixture.  Our clients love the additional space!  In the guest bath, we recommended a frameless slider for the shower glass since the room is small and a toilet sits right next to the shower.  This relatively small change makes a big difference in bathroom comfort for users.

Elegant Bathroom Selections

Our clients had a clear vision in mind for the style of the bathrooms.  They just needed some help finding a few things to bring it to life.   That’s where TriFection selections manager Melanie Heinrich stepped in.  Together, they identified the perfect combination of Crowndale quartz from Cambria, fabricated with an Ogee edge, to go with Nidia Brillo Glossy field tile on the shower walls and bathroom floor and Onix Hexagon Pearl White accent tile.  We used Imperial Pearl Brushed White tile on the shower floor.  Among the many options for white paint colors, Melanie helped them find Sherwin Williams Downy White for the cabinets.  Illuminated with a completely new lighting package, the result is a stunning package of elegance!

A Remodeling Story with a Very Happy Ending

Our clients are now so relieved and overjoyed, following their nightmarish experience with the other contractor that lasted several months.  They commented,

“Everyone who came to the house was so professional and clean and precise in their work.  We absolutely love everything about our new bathrooms!  It’s like having our own day spa!”

We thanked these nice folks for trusting our advice and willingness to start over from scratch in the proper manner.  That’s not necessarily an easy thing for a homeowner to do.  But, the long, stressful journey is now over, and they can begin enjoying the comforts of home again.  Plus, they’ve now found a trustworthy contractor to call when the time comes to remodel the kitchen!

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