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Metropolitan Builder magazine featured TriFection, one of the top residential remodelers in Greater Houston, as its cover story for the October 2020 issue.  The following piece highlights the company’s unique history, team of professionals and future growth plans.

Form. Function. Fit.

That simple phrase captures TriFection Remodeling & Construction’s goal of perfection in three primary areas for every home remodeling project the company designs and builds.

Co-owners Jeff Roberts and Jeff Reina have assembled a top-notch team of professionals who deliver highly customized projects that look great, feature smart design, and fit each client’s budget and lifestyle. TriFection describes its turnkey capabilities as “From Design To Done.”

Some clients ask about the origin of the company’s name. “Once they see our planning process and the transformational improvements to their home, the concept behind the name makes total sense,” Reina said.

Both Jeffs likened their team’s work to solving a puzzle. Reina further commented, “Our brand reflects how we begin each project by listening to the homeowner’s vision and then provide our expertise to ensure the pieces of visual appeal, functionality and affordability fit together perfectly. Sometimes that can be a challenging puzzle, but figuring out the best solution is incredibly rewarding, and that’s why clients hire us.”

The Roberts-Reina business partnership dates back to 2011. However, the origins of the friendship can be found at Texas A&M University nearly 30 years ago. Given their unique backgrounds, no one could have ever predicted these two native Houstonians would wind up as business partners in the residential construction island with seating

Jeff Roberts financed his biomedical science degree by working as a neighborhood canvasser for a remodeling company. He ultimately decided to forego his plan of becoming a physician. Instead, he pursued his ambitions as a business owner. Prepared with carpentry knowledge his grandfather imparted, Roberts purchased the company for which he worked as a canvasser from the retiring owner in 1998. He also changed the company’s focus to custom kitchen & bath remodeling as well as custom cabinetry. “I’m glad I did what I did, even though I’m not directly using [my degree in biomedical science]. I got a lot of experience in problem solving in my diagnostic classes. Our business is all about problem solving. There are always unexpected things when you open a wall,” Roberts noted.

Jeff Reina, on the other hand, graduated with an economics degree from A&M prior to earning his MBA from New York University. He worked in the financial services industry for 17 years, including as a director of energy investment banking for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. As Reina and his wife started their family, he sought a better work-life balance. Although he knew little about construction at the time, he believed his business and finance experience could help Roberts grow his company. So, after months of due diligence and planning, they formed a partnership and rebranded as TriFection Remodeling & Construction.

While these two individuals possess very distinct but highly complementary skills, they share a management approach based on organization and attention to detail. All TriFection employees and contractors must appreciate the importance of those qualities. Otherwise, they do not fit well within the TriFection culture.

Roberts said, “Attention to detail starts at the top and trickles down throughout the organization. Attention to homeowners’ desires. Attention to scheduling. Attention to craftsmanship details that most people won’t notice. You can teach employees the skills they need to do the job, but you can’t teach them to care. Our people care. TriFection tradespeople are truly the best in the city. They are perfectionists.”

Reina agreed. “The secret to our success is really the quality of the people we’ve hired and developed over the years. We’re incredibly proud of this team. They have helped us establish a culture that expects hard work, advanced skill, a team-based mindset and professionalism from everyone.”houston bathroom remodeling

With key personnel additions, TriFection has grown steadily over the past decade. Annual revenue has increased more than fourfold, and the company typically completes between 80 and 100 home remodeling projects each year, according to Reina. As the only general contractor endorsed by well-renowned 610 AM HomeShow Radio host Tom Tynan, TriFection maintains a relatively large operational footprint and stellar reputation across Greater Houston. 

Other residential remodelers and builders have also recognized the quality of TriFection custom cabinetry, Roberts added. As some large custom cabinet manufacturers folded and Covid-19 hindered the distribution capabilities of others, these companies increasingly have turned to TriFection. They quickly realized what many Greater Houston homeowners have known for years – TriFection produces exceptional solid wood custom cabinetry for competitive prices.

While the company welcomes the additional business, Roberts acknowledged, “We’ve outgrown the two cabinet shops we have now. We’re looking to opportunistically purchase land and build a larger facility to accommodate the growing demand for our cabinets.” 

Finally, one of the most exciting developments at TriFection in recent months has been the start of construction on the company’s first custom home build in southwest Houston. What began as complete home renovation transitioned into a tear-down and rebuild once Roberts and his project managers uncovered the full extent of structural problems with a 1950s ranch-style house.

Roberts elaborated, “We made the recommendation to rebuild instead of remodel simply because it was the right thing to do. houston remodelingEven though a new build would require significantly more time and money, she trusted our advice and ability to execute.” Consequently, this client used the opportunity to completely redesign a million-dollar dream home.

Custom home construction represents the natural next step in the evolution of TriFection. After all, the company has a proven track record of remodeling entire houses for many folks – some over a period of time and some at all once, particularly following Hurricane Harvey. And, as most industry insiders will attest, remodeling presents more challenges than new construction. Nevertheless, Roberts and Reina waited for the right project at the right time before expanding in that direction. By combining their construction and business perspectives, they have established a firm foundation upon which TriFection will continue to grow sensibly.

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