TriFection Proudly Joins Texas A&M Advisory Council

TriFection A&M Advisory Council

TriFection is proud to announce the company has joined the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) at Texas A&M University.  The CIAC supports the students and curriculum of the Construction Science department within the College of Architecture.  Notably, members include current and former executives in the construction industry.  Through effective collaboration, the CIAC helps foster the best possible learning environment and recruitment opportunities.

A Chance to Give Back and Create Jobs

As fellow Texas A&M graduates, TriFection owners Jeff Roberts and Jeff Reina make no secret of their fondness for the school’s rich traditions and values.  They have generously supported A&M’s 12th Man Foundation since 2003. Now, with TriFection firmly established as an industry leader, they accepted an invitation to join the CIAC.  Therefore, this exciting opportunity will allow them to share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of current students.

As a CIAC member, TriFection will contribute to research and curriculum, speak as occasional guest lecturers, fund scholarships, and provide valuable internships.  So, through these efforts, we seek to increase the number of construction industry professionals, which the entire country desperately needs.  Additionally, we hope to discover and hire top talent that will sustain TriFection’s significant growth.  Gig ‘Em!

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