Mosaic Tile Shower Solves Leak Problem

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Our clients in the Cypress area called TriFection following the discovery of a shower leak in the upstairs guest bathroom.  The water caused sheetrock damage on the kitchen ceiling downstairs.  These folks live in a very nice home in a new residential development.  However, shower leak problems in modern homes are not uncommon.  Even upscale production builders often construct showers with pre-fab fiberglass shower plans, particularly in guest bathrooms.  The right question is usually “when”, not “if”, those shower pans will fail.  Pre-fab shower pans are produced in large quantities for a cheap price and require relatively little time or skill to install, which is why many home builders like them. Que the custom mosaic tile shower by TriFection…

Remodel Instead of Repair For a Real Solution

Once these folks determined the source of the water damage, they smartly recognized that the best course of action would be a new custom shower.  Attempting to achieve some kind of patchwork repair on a builder-grade shower represents a waste of time and money.  The problem likely will reoccur in the future, and the repairs will be obvious and unattractive.  Conversely, a properly constructed custom shower will last a lifetime and be far more visually appealing.   The following video illustrates the construction of a TriFection custom shower.

Watch how a well-built custom shower prevents water leakage

New Shower with Mosaic Tile

Our clients made excellent tile choices for the new shower.  We installed 3×6 Bright Biscuit on two shower walls and Zone Bone Hexagon on the shower floor.  To jazz up the look, we used Barcela Cote D Azure Blend tile topped by the Arcadian Mosellle Torus on the back wall.  This material is very pretty and immediately grabs your attention when entering the bathroom.  Complementary Glacier Lake tile on the top of the shower bench and Sav Wood Miele on the bathroom floor represented our final mosaic tile selections.

Bathroom remodeling shower stallWe replaced the metal-framed shower glass with sleek frameless glass, which has become a near-standard feature in our custom shower remodels.  A recessed niche serves as the perfect home for soap and shampoo.  We added a new LED can light above the shower to provide better lighting and showcase the new tile.  We’re guessing that some guests will like this shower much better than their own shower in the master bath at home!

A Leak Upstairs?  Who Knew…

After we built the new custom shower and tiled the bathroom floor, our master painter repaired the sheetrock damage on the kitchen ceiling.  He matched the existing texture and paint color so well that no one unaware of the previous damage could ever spot the location now.  Not all painters share the level of skill or pride in their work as those whom TriFection employs.

Bathroom remodel shower inletOur clients are very happy with the remodeling outcome.  Obviously, they wish the leak had never happened, but once it did, they used it as an opportunity to upgrade their home beautifully, with peace of mind the issue has been resolved permanently.  Call TriFection at (281) 548-2436 if you experience a shower leak and want the highest quality resolution for a fair price.

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