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Our client in Katy wanted to build a wall to separate her seldom-used dining room from the entry.  The intent was not to keep guests out of the area.  Rather, she wanted to convert the space into one that guests actually could use with a degree of privacy during visits.  It also could be utilized as an office, when necessary.  Either way, the remodel would definitely increase the functionality of her home’s square footage.  At TriFection, we hate seeing wasted space.  So, we gladly offered our assistance to build the wall.  And, given the very fair price, our client knew exactly how to pay for it!

Build the Wall Like It’s Always Been There

One of the goals of every TriFection project is to make the remodel appear original to the home.  We seek to avoid awkward transitions or obvious “patches” that diminish the overall visual appeal.  To achieve this goal, we plan carefully with our clients and employ high skilled craftsmen who are true artists.  Their ability to match or seamlessly blend new work with someone else’s, often done many years ago, is remarkable.

In this case, our carpenters had to perfectly align new framing, crown moulding, and baseboards.  Painters had to match the existing sheetrock texture and paint colors.  Otherwise, the outcome would be sloppy and disappointing to our client.  No worries here.  In just over a week, we completed the project, and our client loved it!

We sourced and installed nice French doors with divided-light glass to provide the desired look.  We also installed an arched transom window above the French doors, which allowed more light and tied to the existing architecture of the home.  A first-time visitor would never imagine this guest room/office represented a remodel.

Next Up After We Built a Wall- A Kitchen Remodel

Impressed with TriFection’s remodeling approach, our client is already thinking about the next project for her home.  The kitchen could use a high-quality, customized makeover.  When the time is right, we’ll be ready with helpful suggestions for space planning and material selections.  If her guests like this new enclosure we just created, they’ll be blown away by what TriFection accomplishes in the kitchen!

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