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Trifection helping to salvage damages caused by Hurricane Harvey

The devastation across Texas from Hurricane Harvey has been catastrophic and unprecedented.  The stories of damaged homes and displaced families are heartbreaking, particularly in those areas hit repeatedly with severe flooding in recent years.  At TriFection, our employees’ homes and the company’s facilities have avoided significant problems thus far, so we are extremely fortunate.

IMG_2210 Before the storm arrived late Friday night, we began to receive calls and emails from past clients and other homeowners seeking to secure our services as quickly as possible.  Once the impact of Harvey became apparent over the weekend, the volume of those requests increased significantly and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

The TriFection team is fully committed to helping as many folks as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, however, our resources are not unlimited.   We must allocate the time and efforts of our skilled professionals in the most efficient manner.  Our top priority will be taking care of the needs of the TriFection family – the current and past clients who have supported us so loyally over the years.

IMG_2211If you need home repairs or remodeling, please call us at (281) 548-2436.  We will respond ASAP, but please remember the unique circumstances and try to be a little patient.  If you are filing an insurance claim, you should document the damage and seek to obtain the adjuster’s estimate as quickly as you can so we can help you receive a fair settlement.  Importantly, remind your family, friends and neighbors who need help the importance of hiring a proven, trustworthy contractor.  Natural disasters like this one often attract opportunistic con artists.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone throughout Greater Houston and the other hurricane-affected areas of Texas during this very challenging time.  TriFection is ready to do our part to rebuild the community and restore families’ lives.  If you are safe and have the means to do so, please join TriFection in donating to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts –  Take care.

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