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TriFection continues to extend our very best wishes to everyone in Greater Houston as we fight the Covid-19 pandemic.  As of now, our business, employees and families have avoided the devastating consequences others have endured.  For that, we feel very blessed, and our hearts go out to the less fortunate in our community.  We salute the front-line health care workers and first responders who work tirelessly to keep us safe.  If you can, please join us in supporting local food banks and other charitable organizations.

The economic downturn likely will impact our small business in the coming months.  Not surprisingly, we’ve observed a fraction of new leads and project sales compared to normal activity for this time of year.  We’re houston local craftsmen working hard to complete in-progress remodeling projects and generate new business proactively.

We want to keep our team of highly skilled local craftsmen fully employed, so they can support their families.  These folks have dedicated their professional lives to residential construction and remained loyal to TriFection for many years.

As an incentive (and thank you) to our past clients during this extraordinary period, we’d like to offer special project discounts during May.  These discounts can provide you BIG SAVINGS!

Thinking of Remodeling?  Now is a GREAT Opportunity!

Anyone who is considering a home remodel during 2020 should contact TriFection soon.  We’ve always priced projects very fairly for what we do and avoided gimmicky sales promotions.  We firmly believe the quality of our custom craftsmanship and client service alone sell TriFection.

However, given current economic conditions, we want to provide folks some extra motivation to “get the ball rolling” now on home improvement, instead of waiting.

Clients who sign up for major remodeling projects during May can expect to save a meaningful amount of money compared to our regular pricing.  Consequently, those savings may cover the cost of new appliances, plumbing fixtures and/or lighting.  support local craftsmenOr, if you don’t need those items, you could spend the saved funds on something else fun or essential!

Importantly, this level of TriFection pricing may never be available again.  We certainly hope not to experience another disaster comparable to this pandemic again in our lifetimes.  But, extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures…By signing up a TriFection remodeling project in the coming weeks, you’ll support the good people of a longstanding Greater Houston small business and improve your home for a much lower-than-normal cost.  As a result, that’s a BIG WIN-WIN for everyone!

Please note the actual onsite construction work does not need to begin for several months, as you approve conceptual designs and material selections to prepare.

Big or Small, TriFection Can Do it All

If a new kitchen, bathroom, custom cabinetry or room addition simply is not in your plans, perhaps you’ve got a long overdue Honey Do List of handyman-type repairs.  TriFection crews can assist with those projects, as well.  Again, we simply want to keep our skilled local craftsmen busy in the coming months.  Call us today at 281-548-2436 or complete this contact form.


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