Three secrets of highly successful remodeling projects

secrets of successful remodeling projects

Successful home remodeling begins with listening to the homeowners and designing a project customized to meet their needs. Then, a well-conceived plan to address hundreds of details must be developed prior to the start of the demo and renovation work. Finally, the execution of the plan must involve regular communication and coordination between the project managers, tradespeople and the homeowners.

Learn three ways TriFection achieves perfection for its clients’ remodeling projects

Watch the video with a pencil and paper. Learn how to make your remodeling projects highly successful. Plus, watch to the very end for an extra tip. TriFection’s Jeff Roberts explains how to be better prepared for remodeling projects.

Three important questions in remodeling projects

What should you think about in choosing a new custom cabinet design? What makes the difference between a so-so paint project and one that amazes? And, how can you optimize the lighting in a room?

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