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TriFection home remodeling for the Holidays

Now that you’ve put the Christmas decorations away, could your home use some remodeling upgrades before the next holiday season?  Maybe the kitchen cramps your entertainment, and the appliances are showing their age.  Or, you are at least slightly embarrassed about the state of the guest bathrooms.  Perhaps you dream of how nice it would be to have a separate mother-in-law suite above the garage…Regardless, if you want some major changes before the extended family arrives again at Thanksgiving, the time to begin the remodeling process is now.

High-quality, custom remodeling involves a thorough planning process prior to onsite execution.  You’ve got many decisions to make, and your chosen contractor needs time to prepare.  Remodeling problems often arise due to a lack of thoughtful planning or rushed performance.  Heed the advice you likely give your children – “Don’t wait until the last minute…”  Save yourself the stress and enjoy a smoother home remodeling experience by starting early!

Establish Your Objectives and a Good Budget

As a first step in the remodeling process, you must clearly define the objectives of your project.  Talk to your family about desired improvements and decide what’s most important.  Maybe it’s just a more modern look or better-quality materials.  Or, maybe you need more storage, a completely reconfigured space, or more living space added to the home.  Prior to contacting a contractor or designer, your family should reach a consensus on “Why are we doing this?”  Once you’ve done that, examine your personal finances, the length of time you plan to remain in the home, and the value of homes in your neighborhood to establish a reasonable budget.  Just remember you often get what you pay for, and that’s particularly true in remodeling.  Skilled labor is not cheap, and cheap labor is not skilled…

Do Your Homework When Choosing a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is arguably the most critical decision that will influence the ultimate success or failure of your remodeling project.  Again, take your time and give yourself the opportunity to interview at least a few different contractors.  This will be a working relationship that will last several months, so you need to identify a true partner you can trust.  Start by asking friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers for references.  If someone tells you they know a great contractor who worked on his or her home, ask to go see the work in person.  Ask about the design and selections assistance provided, the level of cleanliness maintained onsite, and the ultimate timing and budget relative to expectations.

When speaking with contractors, ask thoughtful questions that will differentiate good contractors from lesser ones.  Honestly assess how professionally each contractor manages the bidding process.  That experience likely will serve as an indication of how well they will manage the remodeling project.


Make a Detailed Plan With Your Contractor

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Among his many talents, Ben would have made a good remodeling contractor…You should approve various drawings prior to construction, including floor plans, conceptual renderings, cabinet elevations, tile drawings, etc. These detailed drawings take time to produce and revise, as necessary.  However, it’s time well spent because they prevent frustrating (and potentially costly) mistakes and delays.  Furthermore, before the onsite work begins, you should pick and purchase all of your materials, appliances, and fixtures.  Securing those items in advance avoids unwanted surprises and further delays.  Give yourself plenty of time to shop around and make the perfect choices that match your desired style and budget.

Understand the Project Timeline and Avoid the “Christmas Rush”

TriFection kitchen remodel for HolidaysThe planning time required for a major kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel easily can be at least four to six months.  Your other work and family priorities, as well as the contractor’s current project commitments, can extend that timeline.  Depending on the project scope, the onsite work may last one to four months or even longer.  So, what seemed like plenty of time at the beginning of your remodeling evaluation can go by quickly.  And, every year many other homeowners share the same desire to “finish before Christmas.”

Just like shopping for presents, avoid the rush and stress of potentially unfinished work in your home during the holidays by starting early.  Plus, finally starting a long-awaited kitchen or bath remodeling project would make an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse!!!  Call TriFection today at 281-548-2436 and let us help you turn the vision for your dream home into a reality.

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