Bathroom Remodel Ideas

remodel bathroom ideas

The master bathroom is the most personal and private space in a home.  It’s where we start and finish every day.   The master bath should be a luxury retreat, a place to relax and escape from daily stresses.  Meanwhile, guest bathrooms welcome visitors and help define the style and quality of the home.  If your current bathrooms do not reflect your current tastes or meet your quality standards, then it’s time to consider custom remodeling and good bathroom ideas.  Bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest bang-for-your-buck interior improvements you can make.  Such projects result in a modernized, upgraded space you will enjoy immensely every single day.  Plus, when done properly, custom bathroom remodeling will enhance the value of your home.  The key to a successful project begins with a carefully planned conceptual design.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

remodeling bathroom ideas houstonWhen designing a new bathroom, you should first conduct an honest assessment of your current shower and bathtub.  The desired size and configuration of these areas will drive the viable options for the floor plan and have a major impact on the remodeling price.  Determine the optimal shower size for personal comfort and the amenities you would like to include.  In most modern showers, homeowners want greater space and a bench seat.  Separate handheld showering units and large recessed niches for soaps and shampoos are also very popular.  Try to maintain the current shower location, with necessary modifications, because complete relocation will result in significantly higher plumbing costs.  Additionally, curbless showers require a minimum amount of bathroom square footage for proper floor slope, more disturbance to your foundation, and a bigger budget.

In most cases, homeowners shower far more frequently than they bathe.  If that’s true for you, then let the shower design dictate options for the bathtub.  Furthermore, you should incorporate a bathtub only if you’ll actually use the bathtub.  Some folks mistakenly believe they need a bathtub to maintain the resale value of a home.  That’s simply not true.  Particularly if you have a tub in at least one other bathroom, don’t be afraid to eliminate it in your master bathroom.  You can use that space for a much bigger shower, more storage capacity, or a sitting area.  Design the bathroom to maximize your family’s daily enjoyment!  Many prospective home buyers in the future will want the big, luxurious shower as much as you do! This is the first and one of the most important of our bathroom ideas!

Consult with Experts on Plumbing Fixtures Before a Bathroom Remodel

If you want a bathtub, then many different sizes and styles exist, such as deck-mounted, freestanding, jetted, air, etc.  Research the manufacturers and models diligently to confirm quality performance over time.  Knowledgeable professionals, such as the experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, will be an incredibly helpful resource.  Most importantly, sit in the bathtub display at the showroom (no one will laugh) to make sure you like it before you buy it.  The tub and other plumbing fixtures may not be returnable once purchased and delivered.  Consequently, share the specifications of all plumbing fixtures with your contractor prior to purchase to confirm everything will fit well in the proposed design.

Vanity Area Should Provide Comfort and Storage

The vanity cabinet should be designed to accommodate the number of regular users and their storage needs.  Cabinet design often begins with the homeowner’s preference for a sitting area with a knee space or more storage space.  From there, a good designer seeks to create maximum storage with a symmetrical look.  Drawers provide easier access to stored items compared to doors.  Pullout drawers below sinks are not advisable due to the proximity of plumbing lines.  Countertop heights, typically in the range of 30 to 36 inches, should be set based on the height of the users.  The selection and placement of sinks, mirrors, and lights should be thoughtfully coordinated and allow for proper spacing.

Tower cabinets, medicine cabinets, linen cabinets, and headknocker cabinets above the toilet provide even more storage and can eliminate bathroom clutter.  Solid wood cabinetry will prove far more durable in the moisture-rich environment of a bathroom compared to cheap alternatives, like particle board and MDF.  Furthermore, a stained cabinet finish will withstand moisture better than a painted finish.

remodel bathroom ideas

Let a Houston Remodeling Contractor Help You Pick Materials

With a good concept for the bathroom layout in hand, you can focus on choices for tile, cabinetry, countertops, fixture finishes, paint colors, etc.  We recommend starting with materials that offer fewer choices (like cabinetry) and gradually adding complementary materials with more choices.  Paint colors usually represent the final selection.  You should enlist the help of professionals who can not only identify options that fit your desired style and budget but also help you visualize the end result with computer renderings.  Given the usual importance of tile in a bathroom remodel, you should request tile drawings prior to construction so you know how the tile pattern will look once installed.  If your contractor cannot or will not provide such drawings, then you should be concerned.

Bring Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Life by Hiring a Good Contractor

Bathroom remodels are not simple projects for Do-It-Yourselfers to manage alone. Great bathroom ideas take work to bring them to life! Advanced skills in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and tile installation are critical.  Otherwise, the results likely will be disastrous, either now or in the future.  As residential remodeling expert and HomeShow Radio host Tom Tynan says, “You can pay for it now OR you can pay for it later…”  Establish a reasonable budget with the understanding you’ll likely get what you pay for. You should not attempt to “cut corners” to save money in a bathroom remodel.  TriFection can help you calculate a preliminary budget for high-quality, custom remodeling using our Budget Estimator tool.

bathroom remodel ideas houstonIf you do not have the necessary funds or financing available, then wait and save money until you do…..Lastly, do your homework and hire a trustworthy contractor, like TriFection.  Even the best-laid plans can easily be destroyed by a lousy contractor.  Call TriFection today at (281) 548-2436 and let us help you design the perfect bathroom remodel for your home!

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