Remember Energy Efficiency for Room Additions & More

Energy Efficiency for Room Additions

If you’re planning for a room addition or other home remodeling project, remember the importance of energy efficiency! TriFection understands that Greater Houston is no stranger to extreme heat, humidity or high energy bills. And whether we’re facing another hot summer, hurricane season, or an unseasonably cold winter, any time is a good time to incorporate energy efficiency in your home.

A well-built room addition, kitchen remodel or bath remodel should add beauty, livable space and functionality to your home while also enhancing its value.  Beyond those more obvious motivations, the project should also achieve monthly cost savings through improved energy efficiency.  For more than 30 years, TriFection professionals have produced amazing home remodeling outcomes that check all these boxes for our clients.  When it comes to energy efficiency, here are a few tips to help upgrade your home.

Insulation and Radiant Barrier

Poorly insulated walls and attic spaces can be a huge factor behind high energy bills.  Many homeowners do not think about this issue regularly because they can’t see behind the walls and they don’t spend much time in the attic.

However, TriFection often discovers the problem when we open up walls or access the attic during a room addition, kitchen, or bath remodeling project.  When adding a new room to a house, we make sure it’s properly insulated from the beginning.

savings through improved energy efficiency

Insulation comes in several different forms. The right choice depends on the local climate and structure of the home.  Regardless of the insulation material, you need to achieve the recommended R-values (the measure of resistance to conductive heat flow) for the area.  Generally, increased insulation thickness proportionately increases the R-value.  If you can clearly see the ceiling joists in your attic, it’s probably time to add insulation.

Adding a heat-reflective radiant barrier in the attic can be very effective in reducing cooling costs.  Consult with a trusted insulation professional to obtain good advice on the specific solution for your home.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Windows commonly represent a major source of energy loss within a home.  They allow temperature transfer between the outside climate and the interior of the home due to lack of insulation or leaks around the windows.  This condition generates higher energy bills during hot summers and cold winters.

heat-reflective radiant barrier

Modern, energy-efficient windows include double-paned glass, gas insulation and Low E coating to minimize temperature transfer as well as outside noise.  Expert installation prevents air and water leaks around the window frame.  These new windows also immediately improve the curb appeal of your home.  Remodeling your home for a new kitchen, bath or room addition is the perfect time to replace your old, outdated windows!

New Exterior Doors

Like outdated windows, old exterior doors often should be replaced for the sake of improved energy efficiency and curb appeal.  Leaks around doors with worn out jambs, thresholds or weatherstrips lead to energy loss and moisture problems.

energy loss and moisture problems

Solid wood doors remain popular for their beauty and durability. However, innovative fiberglass doors with insulation offer greater energy efficiency.  Either way, choose a pre-hung door unit and make sure the installers are truly skilled.  The frame should be set as squarely as possible so the door seals tightly to the jamb and swings properly.

Modern Appliances

Appliances consume relatively large amounts of energy in your home.  So, remodeling creates the ideal opportunity to upgrade to modern, more energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. Also, remember that jetted or air tubs in the bathroom provide added efficiency and beauty as well.

TriFection professionals and our trusted vendor partners provide expert advice on different brands and models so that our clients can make well-informed decisions.  Just as importantly, our installers ensure safe, efficient operation by carefully inspecting breaker boxes, electrical circuits, and GFI-protected outlets in the home.

beauty and durability

TriFection Provides All-Around Energy Efficiency

A well-designed kitchen, bath, room addition and any other home remodeling project should enhance not only beauty and functionality but also energy efficiency.  After all, it’s a major investment in your home and every dollar counts!  Call TriFection at 281-548-2436 and let us show you what we can do for your home!

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