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TriFection is built on the strength of personal relationships, between our associates and with our clients. That’s why we’re beginning a series of stories that will allow you to know on a more personal level the people who help make it possible for TriFection to deliver on our promise of superior craftsmanship and service.

TriFection’s obsession with organization, detail and quality starts at the top with owners Jeff Roberts and Jeff Reina. Both native Houstonians, Roberts grew up in the Heights area while Reina was raised between Sugar Land and Richmond. The two formed a lifelong friendship after meeting on a baseball field during their college days at Texas A&M. Since they were both named Jeff and shared the same initials, it became easier for folks to call them by last names.

Roberts and Reina

Jeff Reina & Jeff Roberts
Jeff Reina & Jeff Roberts

Roberts earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science with plans of attending medical school. But, those plans changed after finding work he loved at a residential remodeling company, which funded his education at A&M. After graduation, he rose quickly through the company’s ranks, ultimately buying the firm in 1998.

Meanwhile, Reina earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at A&M and an MBA in finance & accounting from the Stern School at New York University. He put that education to work as an energy investment banker in New York and Houston. But, he decided on a career change in 2011 to stay closer to home, just in time for the arrival of his first child.

Aggies reunited

Aggies may travel different paths, but they remain connected. That was the case for Roberts and Reina. Talk of someday partnering in business finally took root just as Reina left the corporate world and began his search for a new entrepreneurial-type path.

Roberts and Reina joined in partnership with one goal: build TriFection into the premier residential remodeling and custom cabinetry company in Texas. Although Roberts had already established a successful business, he found a partner in Reina with strong knowledge of finance, strategy and marketing that could greatly increase the scale of operations.

Today, Roberts runs TriFection’s operations while Reina manages the finances and business development. It’s a partnership based on complementary skill sets and enormous trust that began on a ball field in College Station. Now, they’re starting to run up the score.

Family business

Away from work, Reina “facilitated” the introduction of Roberts to his wife Erin in 1997 (funny story). So, it was only fair that Roberts return the favor years later by helping introduce Reina to his wife Velda.

Jeff and Erin Roberts recently celebrated 12 years of marriage and will soon see son Max enter an advanced high school program for engineering with plans to attend, you guessed it, Texas A&M.

It’s been five years since Jeff and Velda Reina were married, with Roberts serving as best man (and delivering one of the best toasts ever). Today, the Reinas have two beautiful and gregarious daughters, three-year-old Caroline and one-year-old Corinne. While it’s a ways off, there’s a high probability both girls will also find their way to College Station.

Fun and Games

Roberts and Reina are both Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation members. They’ve held Texas A&M football season tickets since 2003, and besides Aggie success on the field, they greatly enjoy the camaraderie of tailgating before and after games (often with TriFection clients). When they’re not rooting for the Aggies, you’ll find them playing golf or cheering Houston’s professional sports teams. Roberts is also an avid hunter, fisherman, bowler and NASCAR enthusiast. Reina closely follows events in the worlds of investments and politics.

The family focus at TriFection starts with Roberts and Reina and continues throughout the company. In the coming months, we’ll introduce you to more of the people behind the Form, Function and Fit of TriFection.

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