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Sometimes a family outgrows the available space and/or functionality of their home.  When that happens, the first impulse often is “We need to move.”  But then, the realization of all the issues associated with a time-consuming move sets in (ability to receive fair value on current home, finding the perfect new home, mortgage process, impact on kids’ school and friends, packing and unpacking all that stuff, etc.)  At that point, many folks determine it’s just not worth the hassle, so they remain uncomfortable in their current home for at least several more years.  Instead, they should consider a high-quality room addition remodeling project from the professionals at TriFection.

From mother-in-law suites to entertainment rooms to covered patios, adding on to your existing structure is a way to increase the functionality of your home without moving and sacrificing the neighborhood comfort and investment you already have. If you’re weighing the difficult decision of whether to relocate or remodel, here are some important points you should consider:

room-additionFunctionality is key when considering a room addition. Think about who would use the room and how they would use it. When accommodating additional people, spaces like a mother-in-law suite or renter’s space benefit from separation from the rest of the house or outside entrances while a child’s bedroom does not. A new patio built for intimate settings might be a smaller, shaded porch space compared to one built with wide open areas and an outdoor kitchen for those who regularly host large parties. Even the current location of your walls and hallways should be considered. Knocking out an interior wall, moving an exterior wall out a few feet, and adding a completely new room to the back of a home are three very different remodeling solutions that all add more functional space to your home but can vary greatly in necessary design and budget.

room-addition-aThe size and design of your project needs to be carefully considered. Make sure you have sufficient space for at least the typical size of the type of room you’d like to add, such as 10×10 for a kid’s bedroom, so the space is a comfortable, useful addition. Your new space needs to be not only large enough but also make sense in your home’s layout.  Placing a game room right over a bedroom would not be desirable if you’re concerned about sound, just as building onto a structure in a flood zone or drainage area would not be a good idea. In historical neighborhoods, you may have additional design requirements to mimic a certain look or feel to blend new and old structures. Learn more about your property now, including whether it has constraints or easements and what rules and regulations exist for remodeling and permitting.

room-addition-3Of course, budget and timeline will play a role in your decision to remodel or move. When weighing cost, don’t forget to think beyond the immediate economic costs of building or buying. Consider your current and potential property value, your future quality of life, your surroundings, including school districts and neighborhoods, and the stress level of each option on your family. Both remodeling and moving are multi-step processes that do not happen overnight.  They require a series of actions that should be carefully considered and planned to be successful.

TriFection offers our clients the full lineup of knowledgeable design, selections and construction professionals needed to execute a room addition project.  We can manage all of the foundation, framing, masonry and roofing as well as the electrical, plumbing and custom interior finishing work that has signified our stunning kitchens and bathrooms for many years – a true “turnkey” contractor.  That new man cave, movie room or guest suite is just a phone call away – (281) KITCHEN is not just for kitchens and bathrooms.

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