What You Should Know When Shopping for Granite Countertops

shopping for granite countertops

One of the most common requests we receive from homeowners, either as part of a large remodel or a standalone project, is new granite countertops. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, wet bar or on top of any cabinetry in a home, granite can provide a beautiful upgrade to dated laminate, cultured marble or tile. Its elegant, natural look and superior durability continue to make it the most popular choice for TriFection’s remodeling clients. Many competing man-made products come and go, but granite has remained a homeowner favorite for well over two decades.

Important to understand the differences in granite

When choosing a granite (or your remodeling contractor), you should first understand that all granite is not created equally, in terms of quality of the material, fabrication or install. As with most things in life, you typically get what you pay for.granite countertop - kitchen Similar to how diamonds are graded, granite slabs are classified by level and grade. Level refers to the richness and scarcity of the color. More unique colors with more distinctive flow patterns will be placed in a higher level. Grade refers to the structural quality of the stone. Slabs with fewer imperfections and defects, like pits and fissures, will be assigned a higher grade. Unlike the internationally accepted standards that exist for diamonds, however, the levels and grades for granite are determined by each individual wholesaler (one company may classify a slab as Level 1 while another would classify the same slab as Level 2). Therefore, it’s important to purchase your granite from a well-established, knowledgeable and respected dealer.

Lower quality granite is often pre-fabricated and sold cheaply for use in apartments, tract homes, pre-fab remodels or furniture. Other pieces are sold at deep discounts – you’ve likely seen signs around town promoting “Granite $15.99 per square foot installed.” Yes, it’s granite, but buyer beware when it comes to color, imperfections and location of seams……At TriFection, we work with only high-quality granite slabs that our clients select in consultation with our team of experts. Those slabs are then custom-fabricated to the exact specifications needed for the project.

High-quality granite fabrication is crucial

Lastly, the quality of the fabrication work matters just as much as the quality of the stone.granite countertop - kitchen 2 If the most beautiful rock in the world is poorly fabricated, it will look terrible. The placement and blending of seams, if necessary, as well as the finished edge go a long way in determining the overall appearance of the countertop. More intricate finished edges (such as double Ogee or triple pencil) require meaningfully more fabrication work (and therefore are more expensive) relative to the more common bullnose, straight polish or waterfall edges.

Treat yourself to new granite

Bottom line – new granite countertops can instantly add beauty and value to your home. Just do your homework and enlist the trusted experts at TriFection to ensure the project is done professionally and surpasses your expectations.

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