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TriFection uses only Blum precision hinges

Picture your dream kitchen remodeling project. Get a good clear image of those envy-inducing custom hardwood cabinets. OK, did you think of hinges when you imagine those dream kitchen cabinets?

No? That’s exactly how it should be. Because, the finest cabinets in kitchen remodeling always use hidden hinges. And, the very finest hidden hinges are made by Blum; the hinges that TriFection uses exclusively.

What makes Blum hinges so good for kitchen remodeling?

  • Truly hidden hinges, can’t be seen from the outside
  • Smoother to open and close due to precision tolerances
  • Built to last, tested to withstand more than 200,000 opens and closes — that’s more than 54 years of normal usage!
  • Extremely adjustable. Allows Trifection to fit and close the cabinet doors perfectly in every home.

    TriFection does not recommend hinges like this
  • Designed, Built and Tested to withstand abuse. Since kids and husbands sometimes “hang” on arm on cabinet doors or push them open a touch too far, Blum hinges are built to take it!

TriFection uses only the best hinges on our kitchen remodeling projects because we insist on Form, Function, and Fit in everything we do. Top-quality hidden hinges contribute to all three goals. You can see the results in our Kitchen Remodels.

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