How to Attain a Well-Crafted Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Well-Crafted Kitchen or Bath Remodel

If you’re considering a kitchen or bath remodel, identifying a qualified, honest contractor can be stressful. Home renovations don’t just require a major financial commitment, they also represent a significant investment of a homeowner’s time and energy. The right professional contractor can guide you through a relatively smooth remodeling process and produce a beautiful home transformation; however, the wrong contractor could turn your dream project into a nightmare.

We’ve outlined below five important qualities that every homeowner should look for when it comes to researching contractors and finding the right professional partner for your kitchen or bath remodel.

#1 Professional Knowledge and Assistance

Homeowners know exactly what they don’t like about their current kitchen or bath.  But, they often don’t know what new design ideas may best fit their objectives and budget.  Furthermore, with so many material options from which to choose, the selections process can be overwhelming.  At TriFection, our design and selections professionals have vast home remodeling experience gained through our company’s 30+ year history.

30+ years of home remodeling experience

They possess deep knowledge of various styles, color schemes, and high-quality materials from the most reputable vendors in town.  Their expertise will save you meaningful time and money while helping you avoid common remodeling pitfalls.  And, the highly customized solutions they create are with only one client in mind – YOU!

#2 Proven Track Record | References | Recognitions

Before choosing a contractor, you should perform adequate due diligence.  After all, you’ll be entrusting this company with one of your most valuable investments and personal spaces during an extensive process.  Ask to see real examples of the contractor’s craftsmanship (not just online pictures) and speak to client references in your area.  A trustworthy contractor will be more than willing to show off his or her work and strong client relationships.

Also, check consumer ratings and recognitions through resources such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Google.  See if the contractor is an active member of industry or business organizations, like the Greater Houston Builders Association, National Kitchen & Bath Association and local Chamber of Commerce.  Those affiliations indicate experience and a stable presence in the community.  Check out TriFection’s client references, recognitions, and affiliations.

consumer ratings Greater Houston

#3 Honest and Accurate Feedback

Be wary of contractors who tell you only what you want to hear, rather than offering a realistic assessment of the process, timing and budget.  Rome wasn’t built in a single day, and a custom, well-built kitchen or bath remodel won’t be either.  And, a “deal” that seems too good to be true probably is.  Unfortunately, some inexperienced and/or unscrupulous contractors will simply say whatever sounds agreeable to a homeowner, so they can collect a much-needed check, only to disappoint later.

While a good contractor should listen to the homeowner and work hard to achieve stated goals for the project, the contractor also should be willing to offer valuable professional insights that may contradict what the homeowner had in mind originally.  As far as pricing goes, just remember the mantra, “Skilled labor is not cheap, and cheap labor is not skilled.”  Steer clear of low-ball or ambiguous quotes.

#4 Fair Payment Structure                                                  

Contractors rightfully will require homeowners make an upfront payment to demonstrate a firm commitment to the project and cover at least a portion of the required material purchases.  That payment, however, should be reasonable in relation to the overall price of the project.  Subsequent required payments should be proportionate to the amount of work completed.

If a contractor is seeking an unusually large upfront payment or frequent payments prior to work completion, that is a warning sign of a contractor in financial distress.  Some contractors are poor money managers.  In that case, a homeowner faces the real risk of a delayed or unfinished project due to the contractor’s late or unpaid bills.  Well-established, successful contractors like TriFection maintain healthy finances and don’t need to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

well established home remodeling contractors

#5 Insurance and Warranty

Make sure your contractor carries the appropriate general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.  A contractor without insurance should be treated the same as a driver on the road without car insurance – stay away!  You want peace of mind knowing that the contractor has strong financial protections in the event of property damage or personal injury in a construction zone.

Such insurance can prevent claims on your homeowner’s insurance or even costly litigation.  Ask to see the contractor’s insurance certificate, which should reflect coverage of at least $1 million each for property damage and workers’ compensation.

Also, a good contractor should be willing to stand behind his or her craftsmanship in the form of a solid warranty.  High-quality materials assembled and installed properly will last a very long time.  While the manufacturers of kitchen appliances, fixtures and hardware will warranty those products, the contractor should provide some type of guarantee related to the manner in which things are built and installed.

Many contractors offer no warranty or a 1- or 2-year craftsmanship warranty at best.  A TriFection kitchen or bath remodel carries a limited lifetime warranty because we know it will be built-to-last the first time!

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