Energy-Efficient Window Installers

Energy-Efficient Window Installers

As summer approaches with rising temperatures (and energy bills), TriFection reminds you that we also install high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows.  Switching to double-paned, gas-insulated, Low-E windows will make your home more modern, attractive, quiet and comfortable.  You’ll also enjoy a return on your investment as your cooling and heating bills will decrease relative to the status quo for years to come.  In fact, TriFection offers a great window selection and can save you BIG BUCKS compared to other window companies!  Call us today at 281-548-2436 for a free quote.  Stay cool, Greater Houston!

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  • Protect against flying debris during storms and won’t be pulled apart by wind pressure
  • Provide insulation and higher energy efficiency, which saves you money
  • Protect window sills from water damage
  • Reduce exterior noise up to 50%
  • Improve home security as double-paned windows are made to higher standards and are more resilient to accidents and break-ins
  • Increase home resale value
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