Complete Home Makeover in Katy

Home Makeover in Katy

Our client in Katy heard of TriFection through family members.  As a matter of fact, we remodeled their home in Katy several years ago.  They spoke very highly of our custom craftsmanship and client service.  So, when this nice lady sought a complete makeover for her new home in the Heritage Grand community of Cinco Ranch, she trusted their advice without hesitation and called TriFection.

To make this house a home to enjoy during retirement, our client had new ideas for virtually every room.  She needed some functional improvements, but more importantly, she wanted to demonstrate her own sense of style.  The existing builder-grade decor was fairly plain.  At the same, she preferred to complete the renovations all at once rather than piecemeal over an extended period of time.  She listened to our professional advice on key elements of the project, particularly the replacement of the pre-fab particle board cabinets.  We made sure to find the perfect combination of materials to suit her tastes and budget.  Consequently, the new home now features an amazing custom look that is the envy of the neighborhood!

We Begin with Kitchen and Master Bath Remodels

As is often the case, our initial discussions centered around remodeling the kitchen and master bath.  After all, these are the two most frequently used and most valuable rooms in a home.  Let’s be honest- it’s difficult to truly love a home unless you fully enjoy the kitchen and master bath.  Plus, upgrades in these areas typically provide the best return on investment compared to other home remodeling projects.


In the kitchen, we explained during our initial evaluation why attempting to modify and paint the existing builder-grade, pre-fab cabinets would not be a good idea.  If done correctly, new solid wood custom cabinets would accompany the sizable investment in new countertops, backsplash, lighting, and appliances.  Our client ultimately chose Shaker-style custom cabinets painted Pure White to create a bright modern look.  For countertops and backsplash, she picked Colonial White granite and Philadelphia Tumbled Roman natural stone.  The combination immediately grabs your attention upon entry.

In the master bath, a more comfortable and safe walk-in shower topped our client’s list of priorities.  The new shower should be a stylish showcase piece but also offer functional amenities, such as a grab bar and bench seat, for her retirement years.  We also improved the overall use of space in the bathroom with redesigned vanity cabinets and a new freestanding bathtub.  While our client kept the same look of Pure White Shaker cabinets found in the kitchen, she changed to Lyskamm quartz countertops in this bathroom.  Meanwhile, the tile combination is spectacular.  Bistrot Pietrasanta Satin serves as the main field tile on the shower walls and bathroom floor.  We also installed Carrera Basketweave and Bardiglio pencils as accents.  Each selection complements the others perfectly.

Updated Living Area, Guest Baths, Office and Flooring

Our client also decided to pursue custom updates throughout the rest of the house.  Besides new hickory wood flooring in all rooms outside the laundry room and bathrooms, we painted the entire interior and added new LED recessed can lights everywhere.  We also remodeled a guest bath, powder bath, and office.  But, one could argue the new fireplace in the living area is the showstopper.  We installed floor-to-ceiling stacked travertine with a solid wood mantel in place of the old cookie-cutter fireplace.  It complements the natural stone backsplash in the adjacent open-concept kitchen beautifully.  We also installed a large flat-screen television on a swing bracket next to the fireplace, along with other entertainment components.  Family Movie Night just reached a whole new level…

Loving This Home Makeover In Katy!

Our client couldn’t be happier with the custom transformation of her new home.  Now, she’s even thinking about a patio project so the outside looks just as impressive as the inside…And, after telling the family members who referred her to TriFection in the first place how well we managed the project, those folks rediscovered the inspiration to remodel three bathrooms in their house!  So, this Katy-based family will be enjoying two great homes for the holidays as TriFection continues to grow our reputation for excellence one Greater Houston household at a time.

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