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Greater Houston temperatures in March reached record highs, so it appears this summer is going to be a scorcher! Before you get a costly energy bill, take immediate action by carefully evaluating the windows in your home. Are they working for or against you? Replacing outdated windows with energy-efficient ones is a simple way to reduce unnecessary energy costs and more effectively regulate the temperature in your home. New windows can also enhance the curb appeal of your home and minimize outside noise and dust.

While we don’t widely advertise our window capabilities, TriFection has over 25 years of experience in window replacement and can help you find the right fit for your home. In fact, many people are unaware that TriFection began with a focus on window replacement before we became widely known for our award-winning custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling work.

Replacement WindowTriFection will help you make the best choices for top-quality window replacement in Houston’s wide-ranging climate. We offer a great selection of aluminum, vinyl and composite windows that feature double-pane insulated glass and low E ratings….. Want to know one of the best kept secrets in town? OUR PRICES ARE TYPICALLY FAR LOWER THAN THOSE OFFERED BY THE MAJOR WINDOW COMPANIES IN HOUSTON.

Beat the summer heat BEFORE it arrives by calling TriFection today to learn more about installing new energy-efficient windows throughout your home! The company you trust for best-in-class kitchen and bath remodeling is the same company you can trust for best-in-class window replacement.

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