A TriFection Custom Home in Katy is For Sale at a Great Price!

custom home for sale in Katy

A longtime TriFection client in Katy is seeking to sell his gorgeous custom home on the golf course.  Over the previous 15 years, TriFection remodeled the entire house with our top-quality custom craftsmanship – kitchen, master bath, guest baths, room addition, etc.  Unfortunately, we had to remodel the downstairs again for him following unprecedented Hurricane Harvey.

With the remodeling project now complete, the good news is he’s decided to downsize and has listed a truly stunning home for a great price!   If your family is in the market for a sizable new custom home, this could be the one!  Check out these amazing photos:

house remodelled after Harveymajor remodeling project in Katy TXGK-10-1024x682.jpgGK-18-1024x683.jpg GK-42-1024x683.jpgGK-51-1024x682.jpg

If you’re in need of a complete home remodel (or maybe even a brand new custom home), call TriFection at (281) 548-2436.  This major remodeling project proves we can do it all!

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