A Custom Shower to Devour in Katy

bathroom upgrades

bathroom upgrades

Our clients in Katy witnessed the impressive bathroom remodeling work TriFection performed for a family member last year.  So, when they decided to update their bathroom, they called us.  After all, why search high and low for another trustworthy contractor when family tells you of their pleasant experience?  Plus, the TriFection sales and design center in west Houston is located just five minutes from their home, making us a great fit for their Katy bathroom remodel.

The shower serves as the centerpiece of this remodeling project.  Full-height walls and a dropped ceiling enclosed the old shower.  It also featured a cultured marble shower surround and very small entry with a gold-framed door.  With poor lighting as well, this shower felt a bit like a dungeon.  TriFection encounters this type of bathroom situation in many homes built in the 1980’s.  No question, the time for a few bathroom upgrades in this otherwise lovely home had come.

Upgrading To A Bigger, Brighter Custom Shower

We explored several ideas on how to enlarge the shower.  Ultimately, in close consultation with our clients, we settled on one that would minimize the footprint change of the bathroom.  bathroem upgrade katyNevertheless, we still would be removing shower walls.  Turned out one of those walls in this two-story home was load-bearing.  So, we developed a framing plan that called for the installation of a large beam in the ceiling.  Joists previously supported by the wall would tie to this new beam.  All in a day’s work for the expert project managers and master craftsmen of TriFection…

Instead of full-height walls, we constructed an L-shaped pony wall (half wall) to border the shower from the tub area and provide some privacy.  Modern frameless glass replaced the old gold-framed shower door.  We also added a very comfortable bench seat inside the shower, along with a handheld showering unit and two recessed niches for soap and shampoo.  The addition of LED recessed can lights really brightened the space.

Big Smiles for this Tile

With assistance from the TriFection selections team, our clients picked a gorgeous combination of bathroom tile. katy bathroom remodel And, they did it without breaking the bank!

For the field tile on the shower walls, they chose Atessa Brillo in a 12″x24″broken joint pattern.  They used this same tile, but in a 24″x24″ grid pattern, on the bathroom floor.  Our clients loved it so much they decided to extend the tile into their master closets to replace the old carpet.  For accent tile used on the shower floor, in the shower niches and around the new bathtub, we installed Morocco Blend Small Bricks.

This tile combination is truly and effortlessly elegant.  When entering the remodeled bathroom, particularly for those visitors who saw the original bathroom, you just say, “Wow!”

Other Bathroom Upgrades

Our clients liked their existing vanity cabinets, so we simply painted them the very popular Dover White color.  However, we eliminated the outdated and worn cultured marble countertops in favor of Nero Argento granite, which really pops.  After removing flowery wallpaper, we painted the walls Dover White.  New vanity lights, mirrors, sinks and faucets provided the final bathroom upgrades for this Katy bathroom remodel.  Click the arrows in the picture below to see the amazing Before & After transformation!

  • removing shower walls
  • bathroom upgrades


A Great Place to Start and End the Day!

These nice folks now derive maximum enjoyment from their master bath each and every day.  All TriFection clients rightfully expect such luxury and beauty in their home.  Now, they can tease the nearby family members who referred them to us about who has the better TriFection bathroom.  We’ll call it an even draw but would love to settle the debate with kitchen renovations for each sometime in the future….Call TriFection at 281-548-2436 and discover how we can transform your home!

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