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The best approach to residential remodeling follows the old ad slogan “We will sell no wine until it’s time.” At TriFection, our clients understand and appreciate why we do not establish project start dates until it’s “time.” That time comes when our clients have approved all the necessary designs and made all of their material selections, including cabinetry finishes, countertops, tile, appliances, fixtures, hardware, etc. By having all of those key decisions nailed down beforehand, we avoid the unwanted surprises following demolition that produce the “horror stories” heard about bad contractors. Think back-ordered, missing or flawed materials…..purchased appliances or fixtures that don’t fit…..last-minute, rushed decisions…..extended project delays…..unfinished projects and unresponsive contractors.  Nightmares.

Straightforward, honest advice from highly experienced remodeling professionals

Understandably, homeowners who contact TriFection are often eager to rip out their old kitchen or bathroom because they’re tired of staring at the outdated look, natural wear-and-tear or damage. They want to start enjoying the new dream kitchen or bathroom A-S-A-P! While some contractors prey on that mindset and make false promises about a start date (along with other promises regarding an appropriate budget, craftsmanship quality, warranty, etc.), TriFection professionals attempt to educate prospective clients about the realities of successful remodeling. We don’t simply tell people what they want to hear, and sometimes that comes at the expense of winning the business. However, clients who are willing to listen and trust our many years of experience enjoy not only a beautiful, functional finished product but also a smooth-running process that eliminates much of the stress and inconvenience home remodeling can cause. The basis for TriFection’s many performance awards, endorsements and client testimonials is QUALITY, not speed of execution (just like a fine wine). And, remodeling in the real world is NOT the same as “reality” TV.

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