Northwest Houston Clients Love Their Kitchen Remodel

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Our clients in northwest Houston called TriFection once they decided to remodel their kitchen.  In doing so, they followed the advice from home improvement expert Tom Tynan on HomeShow Radio.  During our initial in-home consultation, we listened to their objectives and discussed a number of kitchen design options for their remodel.  We subsequently presented computer drawings to help them make the best decision.  Specifically, we illustrated how the removal of their furdowns, pantry closet, and part of a wall would open and modernize the space.

These nice folks trusted our ability to turn those drawings into a reality with master craftsmanship and professionalism.  We quickly recognized the importance of this kitchen remodel to them and proudly accepted the opportunity to lead the project.

Hard Work Makes a Dream Kitchen Come True

Our clients both work hard in the nursing profession, selflessly taking care of patients in need every day.  During our introductory meetings, they described their humble roots and ability to meet the job’s demands for many years.  custom cabinet design houstonNow, with retirement years in sight, the time had come to take care of themselves with a major kitchen renovation.  They just needed some guidance from us to determine the range of possibilities and the best use of their budget.

They loved our ideas on how to open the kitchen space to provide a bigger look and feel.  By removing part of a wall and extending a countertop, we created a more entertainment-friendly kitchen.  The bulky furdowns and pantry closet represented an outdated style and wasted space, so we eliminated them.  Once they saw the beauty and craftsmanship of the custom cabinets on display in the TriFection sales & design center, refinishing their existing cabinets was no longer an option…

Stylish Kitchen Selections Bring the Kitchen Design to Life

Our clients chose solid beech wood cabinets in a timeless Shaker style.  Shaker remains our most popular cabinet front.  houston kitchen designIt caters to contemporary, traditional, and transitional preferences.  Mission Oak, with a dark brown tint, serves as the stain color.

For countertops, they picked a light-colored Anchorage quartz manufactured by Cambria.  With a mix of colors and natural appearance, this material provides a nice color contrast to the custom cabinets. Our clients were so excited upon discovering they had secured one of the last remaining slabs of this unique color in all of Greater Houston!

Our selections manager Melanie Heinrich helped them find the perfect backsplash to complement the custom cabinetry and quartz – Concerto Greige Glossy design west houston  Installed in a broken joint subway pattern, this tile really sparkles, especially when the LED undercabinet lights are switched on.  Pencil tile for the edges provides a very polished appearance.

We also installed a new back door that fits in very nicely with the new Texas country theme of the kitchen and breakfast area.  Our clients are thrilled with the personal style of their new kitchen.  Just as importantly, however, they absolutely love the improved storage capacity, accessibility, and overall functionality of the new custom cabinets.  Another classic TriFection success story of Form. Function. Fit!

Remodeling with Expertise and Integrity

In the middle of the remodeling project, as we completed some necessary work in the attic, we noticed a sagging structural beam.  Upon further investigation, we determined it did not pose an immediate danger.  Nevertheless, it potentially could become a real issue in coming months or years. kitchen remodel design houston Now would be ideal time to address it, instead waiting and incurring more expensive repair work (and risking serious property or bodily injury) in the future.

So, after educating our clients on the discovery, they quickly and wholeheartedly agreed to the repair work we quoted for a very fair price.  Some contractors likely would have overlooked the problem due to their focus on just the job at hand or ignorance of structural issues. TriFection identified and fixed it immediately.  We mobilized the required engineering, framing, roofing, and drywall crews without delay.  Our clients sleep well knowing our master craftsmen permanently addressed the issue and the ceiling won’t collapse…

If you’re ready to get started on your new kitchen or other remodeling project and want a contractor you can trust, call TriFection at 281-KITCHEN.  You can also submit a request for a free consultation with a design expert through our website.

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