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Near the end of the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan emphatically stated, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”  As a result, he achieved freedom for millions of Germans and the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union.  We’d say that was a very positive outcome for the entire world… So, at TriFection, we occasionally use that historic moment as inspiration in advising clients to tear down certain walls in their home.  As kitchens have become the hub of daily activities and entertainment venues, the open concept kitchen has grown in popularity.

In contrast to many compartmentalized older homes, modern floor plans commonly feature fewer interior walls and clear sight lines between rooms.  Consequently, kitchen and living spaces become brighter with shared natural light and more comfortable for dining and entertainment purposes.  That’s exactly what TriFection accomplished for these clients in southwest Houston.

Kitchen Remodeling with Clear Purpose

Our clients purchased their home in recent years based on the desirable location inside the Loop. They recognized, however, it would require some remodeling work to fit their personal tastes open concept kitchen remodel houstonand desired functionality.  As we typically do, our consultants began this remodeling process by asking what they did not like about the current kitchen.  Our clients told us they first wanted to upgrade the quality of their cabinets.  And, they sought a more open look & feel between the kitchen and dining area.

During the next few weeks, we designed a new custom kitchen that required removing the wall between those rooms.  Given lower ceilings in the house, these folks did not want a visible structural header.  So, we engineered a solution for a beam in the attic that would carry the weight of the removed wall.  With the wall gone, we incorporated a large island to provide plenty of cooking prep space on the kitchen side and additional seating on the dining room side.

Our clients wanted to preserve their existing wood flooring in the dining room, so we developed a plan to smoothly transition from the new kitchen tile.  Lastly, we also resized a window in the breakfast area so we could extend cabinets all the way to the exterior wall and create more storage capacity.  Our clients loved the new floor plan!

Material Selections Define Open Concept Style

open concept kitchen houstonThese clients had a good sense of their desired style and color scheme, which made our job easier. The cabinets would be painted, with Sherwin Williams Snowbound on the exterior and complementary Distance color on the island.  Shaker style cabinet fronts and sleek hardware provided a modern look.  They chose stunning Monte Cristo granite countertops that unquestionably provide distinctive character and the “Wow!” factor most TriFection clients seek in their kitchen.

For tile, we installed Jumbo HexCotton Glossy on the backsplash and Davenport Ash on the kitchen floor.  A new Kitchen Aid package, purchased from our good friends at Ferguson, upgraded the appliances.  As final touches, we painted the walls a North Star color and added new LED recessed can lights in the kitchen and throughout the house.

New Custom Kitchen Creates a House to Call Home

Our clients couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this open concept kitchen remodeling project.  Through proper planning and effective communication, we partnered to achieve a beautiful custom kitchen that makes their house feel more like home.  With young children, they plan to live here for quite awhile.  The entertainment and storage needs for a growing family will only increase over time.  Now, they’ve got a kitchen that truly reflects their personal style and will accommodate all of their needs for many years to come.

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