The key to smart design for your kitchen remodel

smart kitchen remodel design

Dated. Crowded. Inefficient. It’s a common story for kitchens over 20 years old. This client decided the time had come for a major kitchen remodeling update. Today, the part she now loves most is practically hidden from view. That happened only because this TriFection client approached her kitchen remodeling project the smart way.

Kitchen remodeling begins with a well-planned vision

Smart kitchen remodeling starts with prioritizing and planning. Think carefully about what is most important to you. Our client had a long list of kitchen wants – updated look, decorative features, increased storage space, modern appliances, etc. Before choosing a contractor and certainly before any actual work on your home begins, it’s vital to formalize your wish list and establish a realistic budget with a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and materials. Remember, you typically get what you pay for in life……Define clear objectives for the new kitchen – what exactly is it about your existing kitchen that you don’t like? The professional kitchen designers at TriFection can transform your wish list into a beautiful, functional and practical reality.

Smart kitchen planning leads to smooth execution and a terrific outcome

After extensive conversations and sharing of ideas, TriFection fully understood all of this client’s needs and wants. Our computer design work then helped her clearly visualize the concepts and make confident decisions. Another important key to successful kitchen remodeling – finding a contractor with a design team that listens. After all, it’s your kitchen, not theirs….With a detailed plan agreed upon prior to demo, you avoid unwanted surprises or delays during the construction phase.

See just how much this TriFection client enjoys her new kitchen

Greater and more efficient use of storage space was at the very top of this client’s wish list. Since most kitchen pantry closets are monuments to inefficiency, TriFection replaced hers with double pull-out pantry cabinets, custom-designed for specific needs. While the new pantry cabinets may not be the most noticeable feature to the casual observer, check out the big smile they bring to our client’s face.

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