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custom shower pans

Showers can leak water for various reasons, but perhaps the most common is a cheap or improperly installed shower pan. In this case, our clients said the pre-fabricated shower pan installed by the homebuilder created an uneasiness. In fact, it felt like standing in a boat. For these types of shower pans, the question is when, not if, they will leak. In any case, now is the time for custom shower pans with TriFection.

Learn the Difference Between Poor Quality and Custom Shower Pans

“A poor-quality shower pan just sets up the homeowner for potentially costly problems in the future,” says TriFection’s Jeff Reina. “That’s particularly true when water escapes behind shower walls, and the homeowner doesn’t even know there’s a leak until after it’s caused major damage.”

TriFection avoids such problems by installing only custom-cut PVC shower pan liners set between two layers of concrete. These liners wrap up the framed shower walls and combine with membrane-covered Hardi cement fiberboard to form a truly waterproof enclosure. Importantly, our shower pans must first pass a 24-hour leak test before we proceed with the remaining shower construction. The process is not quick, easy or cheap; however, the end result is a beautiful shower built to last. Custom shower pans are always worth it.

Magic Happens with TriFection Custom Shower Pans

As it turns out, our clients’ shower pan issue was a blessing in disguise – it led to a complete bathroom makeover, as you’ll see in this video. Watch how TriFection’s craftsmen go the extra distance, starting with custom shower pans, to create a bathroom the clients describe as “straight out of a magazine.”

Well-built custom shower pan prevents water leakage – TriFection

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