Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

In recent years, TriFection remodeled a large portion of our clients’ home in west Houston. We updated the kitchen, living area, and flooring.  Now, they asked us to remodel the master and guest baths upstairs. These folks really like their neighborhood and plan to fully enjoy retirement in this house. So, they decided to make further investments in bathroom remodels to achieve the truly custom home they always wanted. Given past experience, they felt very comfortable with our team of designers and craftsmen.

New Look and Feel for the Master Bath

Bathroom remodels upstairs 2We wanted to create a luxury master bath with a spa-like feel. Therefore, we eliminated the old bathtub and furdowns to open up space. Instead, we designed a large, modern walk-in shower that incorporated a window, which allowed natural light to brighten the room. The bathroom remodel would also feature a custom vanity cabinet, tower cabinet, and linen cabinet to provide lots of storage capacity.

Our clients’ material selections remained consistent with the style previously created downstairs. We painted the solid wood, Shaker-style custom cabinets with Anew Gray from Sherwin Williams. The Imperial Danby honed marble countertops are white and complimented the gray cabinets very nicely. For bathroom tile, we installed a combination of Aequa Nix in a broken joint pattern on the shower walls and Flat Pebbles Warm on the shower floor.

The shower also features a rain shower head and separate handheld unit on a slide bar. Full-height frameless glass drives the open concept. The spacious shower in this bathroom remodel now serves as the perfect spot to start the morning or relax after a long day…

For bathroom flooring, our clients wanted a unique contrast, so they chose to use their existing wood flooring in the home. We provide an adequate tile transition outside the shower to minimize the potential for water damaging the wood.  Lastly, we installed custom framed mirrors and pendant lights above the vanity to complete the look of modern elegance.

Bathroom remodels upstairs 3

Home Transformation Nearly Complete After Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

In conjunction with the master bath remodel, we also upgraded the guest bath in a similar fashion. We converted a tub/shower combination into a walk-in shower and customized the vanity area with new cabinets and counters.  Future guests certainly will be impressed with this bathroom during visits.  It likely will motivate them to remodel their own bathrooms.

Our clients have nearly finished all the desired renovations to their home. Only a few relatively minor projects remain prior to the well-deserved relaxation and enjoyment of the retirement years. TriFection is very proud and appreciative to have been a contributor to this major transformation effort over recent years. If you want the perfect custom home for your family’s daily needs and guest entertainment, call TriFection at (281) 548-2436.  Let us put our creative design ideas and master craftsmanship to work for you!


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