Rain Shower Head Transformation

rain shower head

In many ways the room told us what it needed. The bathroom was cramped and claustrophobic. The tiles were predictable. The shower was uneventful. Everything was plain and porcelain. White was everywhere – white sink, white tub, white walls, white tile, white shower, you name it. Our client wanted a sleek, contemporary look; minimalist but spacious. We saw that we needed to take three massive steps: open the space, break up the space, spruce up the scenery.

Modern Shower

The first move was to open the space. To do this we took down a lot of barriers. First, we expanded the bathroom through the wall behind the bathtub and into an adjacent linen closet. Claustrophobia cured. But this also took out the antiquated bath tub. Instead of installing a new tub, we kept the space open with an expanded, modern shower.

We now needed to break the space into different, more refreshing areas. Underneath the new 10” rain shower head, we replaced the predictable tile floor with a charcoal black slate that covered the newly extended, wall-to-wall shower pan. At either end of the shower, we matched the slate with custom baseboards.

Above the slate, we installed Lucente Cascade Linear glass blend tile. These slender turquoise-colored tiles complemented the charcoal base, giving new life to the space. We installed this tile throughout the bathroom, including around inset vanity lights and a lighted towel niche. We colored the rest of the walls with a Medici Ivory Venetian Plaster color.

rain shower head bathroom remodel houstonTo complete the modern look, we installed a floating glass vessel sink with a chrome-finished, wall-mounted faucet. The showerhead was also chrome finished, and the toilet was replaced by a more economical dual-flush Toto with a cotton finish.

Rain Shower Head Transforms Water-Closet

What had arrived as a true water-closet was returned as a true rest-room. The space is relaxing and rejuvenating. The new fixtures and open space gave the space a luxury-spa look. Our client was pleased, and their morning routine transformed.

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