Shower for Two

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Our clients in the Copperfield area really wanted a new walk-in shower in their master bathroom.  The existing shower was too small and outdated.  The large sunken bathtub received no usage and was a slipping hazard.  They decided to live in the house for years to come,  so a complete remodel would be in order.  These nice folks discovered TriFection after we successfully remodeled their daughter’s home in the Heights.

Roomy Shower for Two

walk in showerWe truly customized the new walk-in shower for our clients’ needs and desire for a luxurious, spacious feel.  It features two shower heads with the option of simultaneous usage on those mornings when time is short.  The shower has two separate entrances with no doors.  We installed two bench seats, handheld showering fixtures, and recessed soap niches.  Our design began with the elimination of the rarely used bathtub.  We advise clients to design new master baths in a manner that best serves their personal needs.  Maximize daily enjoyment of the bathroom.  If you take baths, incorporate a bathtub.  Otherwise, use that space for a more comfortable shower.  Don’t keep a bathtub simply for the perceived impact on resale value.  New home buyers want the big, modern showers, too!

Walk In Shower Tile Brings a Smile

As with any Houston bathroom remodeling, tile selections drive the overall appearance.  Our clients chose Monocebic Graal Arras porcelain as the field tile.  We incorporated different sizes and patterns in the shower and on the bathroom floor.   As a result, we achieved an attractive variance in the look.  On the shower walls, Patara Metal tile inserts served as the perfect decorative accent.

Complementary Cabinets and Counters

walk in showerAlthough the new shower is the centerpiece, TriFection custom vanity cabinets and granite counters also enhance the appeal.  We built solid beech wood cabinets with raised panel doors and drawers.  We added a large linen cabinet with abundant storage capacity.  The Golden Beach granite from Brazil features a subtle mix of earth tones with beige and browns.  Heavy movement and numerous crystals provide distinct character.

All in the Family

Our clients love their new master bathroom.  They kept the remodeling effort a secret until near the end, not even telling their daughter they had called TriFection.  The custom shower has amazed everyone who has seen it.  The neighbors are envious.  Now, they joke about giving guided tours of the bathroom for a small fee… If you’d like a similar transformation for your master bath or even a guest bath, call TriFection at (281) 548-2436.  Our knowledgeable, creative design team will offer great ideas to fit your desired style and budget.

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